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The Multi-party Cooperation Under The Perspective Of A Ruling Party Ability Construction Of The Research

Posted on:2014-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330398951512Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The leadership of the communist party of China’s multi-party cooperation and politicalconsultation system with Chinese characteristics is a basic political system,it is in the systemdesign shows his leadership of the communist party,party cooperation,the communist partyand parties participating characteristics。Therefore,in all kinds of political culture of eachmachine in the world,China’s political party system to become a global outstanding originalmode of system,cannot leave the construction of ruling ability of the communist party ofChina。But the ruling Chinese communist party ruling ability construction must be in themulti-party cooperation system under the background of the expansion,strengthening theparty’s ruling ability construction, not only is the ruling party’s own problem,but alsoincluding the democratic parties,and the national people’s common concern for the efforts ofsystem engineering。This study aims to the ruling party’s ruling ability construction isdiscussed the meanings,analyzes the multi-party cooperation under the perspective of a rulingparty ability construction,this paper discusses the present situation of the multi-partycooperation under the perspective of a ruling party ability construction of the path。Leaders of the democratic parties is to strengthen the ability of the ruling abilityconstruction of the intrinsic request,is mainly embodied in the following aspects;thedemocratic parties to consolidate and expand the ruling party’s ruling foundation;Thesupervision from the democratic parties is to strengthen the party’s ruling ability constructionof the important guarantee。 Leading the multi-party cooperation ability is to strengthen theruling party ruling ability construction of the overall requirements。Mainly reflects in:themulti-party cooperation can promote the ruling decision democratization and scientific。Themulti-party cooperation and the ruling party ruling ability construction in close contact andpromote each other。At present。China’s ruling party ruling ability construction in scientific administrationlegal administration,democratic administration,etc have achieved some results。But there arealso some problems,mainly displays in:regardless of the party,the party LuanZhengphenomenon still exist;The ruling party and the democratic parties relationship betweeninstitutional construction is not perfect;The corruption problem increasingly prominent,etc.The main reason for the emergence of these problems is that the party’s style of leadershipand governance should be constantly reform political system is not perfect ruling environmentrestriction。 Based on the above analysis,the multi-party cooperation under the perspective of a rulingparty construction of ability from the following several aspects:first of all, based on the rulingparty ruling ability construction request support the democratic parties participating abilityconstruction,i.e.,to support the national parties participating ability construction,enlarge theDemocratic Party national major matters of right to know,strengthen the democratic partiesparticipate condition construction force,improve the system of multi-party cooperationSecond,the scientific and democratic ruling according to law is to strengthen the rulingability construction of the foundation and guarantee adhere to the scientific governance,democratic governance,to rule by law。Again,enhance five kinds of ability is to strengthenthe ruling ability construction of the key,which increases to control the socialist marketeconomy ability,strengthen the development of socialist democratic politics ability,advanced culture,and enhance the ability to construct a socialist harmonious society,andenhance the ability to deal with the international situation and the ability to deal withinternational affairs。...
Keywords/Search Tags:The communist party of China, Ruling ability construction, Scientific ruling, Democratic ruling, Ruling in accordance with the law
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