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A Study Of The CPC's Ruling By Law

Posted on:2018-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330539485290Subject:Political Theory
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"Rule of law" is the basic way of modern state governance,is a sign of modern national civilization.The Chinese Communist Party is the ruling party of the Chinese party,the party's leadership style and the ruling mode of science or not determine the party's leadership level,the ability to govern,the relationship between the party and the people and the consolidation of the ruling position.For this reason,the party's ruling by law is the key to upholding the rule of law.According to the law to solve the ruling party and the relationship between the state power.Ruling by law is a profound summary of the lessons of history and a profound understanding of the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and a decisive role in comprehensively promoting the construction of the rule of law in China.According to the law as a ruling way is the Communist Party of China in the sixteenth party congress formally put forward.The rule of law has gone through several stages of China's development and has made great achievements in the process of ruling the Chinese Communist Party according to law and meeting the great challenges.However,China is currently in the deep-water area of reform and development,the Chinese Communist Party's ruling in accordance with the law in the new period is facing new problems and challenges.The imperfection of laws and regulations,the lack of enforcement in accordance with the law,the weak concept of party cadres according to law,the need for further rationalization of party and government relations,and the challenges brought about by changes in the situation at home and abroad in the new era.To solve these problems and face these challenges,we must perfect the legal system,rationalize the party and government relations,strengthen the ideological construction of the party according to law and in a contemporary way to boost the Chinese Communist Party in accordance with the law in order to further improve the party In accordance with the correct leadership of the Chinese Communist Party,to build our country into a democratic,prosperous and civilized power.
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