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The Public Class Institution Reform Orientation

Posted on:2014-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330401958542Subject:Public administration
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Nowadays, reforming public institutions is an important research project of public management study field in China.Public Welfare Institutions is the cluster of high-level talents; is the main force to make significant contribution to economic construction and social development of our country; will be the bridge connecting the government and enterprises which plays an important role in promoting development of social undertakings and enlarging supply of public services. It lays foundation for the construction of socialist material civilization and provides power for the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. However, along with the development of the socialist market economy, the institutions have the difficulties in management and reformation in overall. Organization expansion, financial burden, low efficiency and insufficient supply of public services have affected the development of education, technology, culture, public health and even the entire national economy and social undertakings. They occupy the national resources and accept the financial support, but not provide related services and perform their duties. Instead, they use institutional units as the fuzzy space either non-government or non-enterprise to apply and enjoy the power and benefit from both government and enterprises in maximum;to escape from the restriction of government and the pressure of enterprises undertaken as well.As a result, they disrupt the economic operation rules and undermine the rational allocation of social resources. Many public welfare institutions even have become the soil of breeding corruption and the realistic channel of gaining state assets.Although, the central government have conducted large-scale institution reformation several times since1985, while the effect is not satisfactory.With the gradual development and progress of social economy,the conflict between the service level and service quality public welfare department provided and the service required by the public is increasingly obvious. The whole society asks to reform public welfare system and improve public service quality. Thus, studying and exploring the reformational mode of public welfare institutions has its necessity and practicality. While the difficulties and emphasis are how to reform, how to break the old management and operation system which matched with planned economic system, and how to establish a scientific and rational, streamlined and efficient public welfare system that could fulfill the requirement of public service.In order to resolve these problems, it is indispensable to confirm the current state, existed problems and the reasons behind these problems of public welfare institutions in China, analysis the advanced theory and practical experience in and out aboard and combine with national conditions and social requirements which assists the accurate direction of reforming institutions and explores the correct development road catering to our country. Establishing a series of effective policy and specific measure and putting forward views and proposals for perfecting insider management regulations and operation system. Striving for promoting the academic exploration in the reformation of public welfare institution through this study at the same time.
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