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Research On The Digestion And Rebuilding Of Organizational Culture Conflict In The Public Welfare Institution

Posted on:2015-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467986209Subject:Administrative Management
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Reform of public welfare institutions is a major change for our public services. Organizational culture, as a flexible management tool that can recover the existing "loophole" of management system and operational mechanism. Welfare institutions’unclear positioning, regardless of political affairs and other issues are very serious deficiencies. This system rift that is caused by "trauma" embodies cultural conflicts, impact organizational development and hinder the reform process. After20years of " major operation ", public welfare institutions need spiritual comfort, cultural repair, organizational integration, and value change in the "rehabilitation", waking up the public spirit and professional spirit. Rebuild the organizational culture in public welfare institutions, making it compatible with the social development of the public service system.Conduct research around the culture conflicts and reform in public welfare institutions. Address the following aspects:Firstly, explain the theoretical basis of the culture conflicts and reform in public welfare institutions through the Home and Abroad. Secondly, analyze the advanced enterprise culture management experiences and the foreign public sector reform experience. And analyze the necessity and feasibility of public welfare institutions to reform the organization culture. Thirdly, takes ten public welfare institutions selected randomly as research object for empirical analysis by OCAI questionnaire and identify the culture conflict of public welfare institutions. The dissertation discusses four forms of conflicts of organization culture, and analyses the corresponding reasons from inside and outside. Finally, put forward the strategic vision to reform the organization culture in public welfare institutions.Based on the analysis, the article advances the conclusion that it is the effective resolve to reform organization culture in public welfare institutions.Therefore the principles and process of the organization culture reformation is also presented as well as the internal and external management system of organization culture reform.One innovation of this article focuses on the forms of culture conflicts in public welfare institutions. The other innovation is the development and use of OCAI measurement tools and presenting the culture structure and reconstruction model of public welfare institutions. Based on the theory-analyses and demonstration-analyses, this article proposes suggestions on promoting organization culture reconstruction in public welfare institutions:promote system plan, establish institutional guarantee, develop ways of implementation, supervise and guide, loop the feedback to create a conducive internal system for culture reengineering in public welfare institutions; understand the essential factors of external system, approach the relations of internal system and external system to build smooth connected favorable interaction of internal system and external system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Classified Reform, Public Welfare Institution, Organizational Culture, Cultural Conflict, Cultural Rebuilding
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