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Facing Challenges And Legal Countermeasures Of Enforcement Of Civil Aviation Security

Posted on:2014-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the past ten years, the civil aviation industry has been developing rapidly. The high speed development of the number of aircrafts has brought many positive changes, but has also brought unprecedented security challenges to domestic civil aviation transportation security. The September11attacks, in particular, taught the whole world a painful lesson. Some other actions threatening flight security, like disorderly conduct and theft and so on, even happen every day. CCTV has referred to a particular band of thieves aboard aircraft as "Flying Sky Company," so it is clear that incidents of theft are well-known and occuring on a widespread scale. How to avoid all these incidents? Restraining them cannot work without enforcement system of civil aviation security. From the internal view of civil aviation, the system of civil aviation security is integrated and muti-level. From the view of the structual system of civil aviation security, civil airports carry out extensive security checks and anti-hijack professional teams are set up in the9biggest airports nationwide. Meanwhile air marshals, a particular kind of police, are arranged on duty aboard civil aircraft. All these show that the government does attach importance to civil aviation security. However, civil aviation security personnel in our county are facing many-sided challenges. Firstly, integration of global civil aviation is becoming more transparent and crimes aboard (and other unlawful disturbance incidents) trend to be international and frequent, which adds certain difficulties to the disposition of civil aviation security. Secondly, there is a certain distance between the means during the process of enforcement of civil aviation laws and the effects of enforcement in our county and the international security needs. In particular, responsibilities of different departments are not clearly defined, responsibilities of enforcement are not consummate, and backwardness appears during the process of enforcement. Thirdly, enforcement basis of national legislation and policies is relatively backward, which needs further improvement and perfectness.In this paper, based on current investigation and analysis of regulation system of enforcement of civil aviation security in our country, and combining the experience of some developed countries, it offers a proposal to management of civil aviation security, a conception of consummating enforcement systems of civil aviation security and the basis of consummating enforcement of civil aviation security in our country.
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