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Study On Rural Villagers' Autonomy Of The Process Of Political Democratization

Posted on:2015-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425496192Subject:Marxism in China
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Politics,as the significant way of governing a country,have a importantrelationship with a country’s stabilization. Democracy is an essential way ofachieving the goal that make country”s stabilization come true. People takeleadership in our country is the main principle of Marxism. In1979Chineseleader Deng Xiao Ping said:” There is no way in the socialist modernization ifour socialist exist without democracy. The basic level democracy, whichclosely related to that whether people can enforce their rights such as somerights in political、economical and cultural areas, is a main part of socialistdemocracy. In the whole politics of our country, rural politics holdfundmentalstatus and it refers to most population. The Reform and Openingthat happened30years ago brought two changes to the villages. First is “thehousehold contract responsibility system” in economical aera and another is“the autonomy of villagers” in political aera,which is marked the lable ofChinese characteristic and have strong significance to the process ofdemocratization. For decades, the autonomy of villagers has attracted bigattention to lots of scholars,. This text catches the main line that theautonomy of villagers’ development and bring some problems related to it. Ithink there will make contributions to socialist democracy if cultivating civilsociety and training democracy in practice have become the way of lives forour people.Villager autonomy is a basic political system of the grass-rootsimplementation of direct democracy in the rural areas of china. In recent years,the construction of villagers’ self-government system, accompanied by thedevelopment of rural reform, through active exploration, successfully blazed anew path of development China rural democratic political development.Review of the villager autonomy through the course, present situation ofvillager autonomy, summing up the successful experience of villagers’autonomy, to further promote the construction of democratic politics, andpromote the stable development of rural areas, has important practicalsignificance and long-term strategic significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:the rural politics, democracy, the autonomy of villagers, civil society
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