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Study Of Villagers' Autonomy In The Construction Of A New Socialist Countryside

Posted on:2011-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360302992276Subject:Foreign political system
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30 years ago, along with the process of reform and opening up, China's rural areas was carried out at two levels of reform: One is the economic level, the implementation of the household contract responsibility system, one is at the political level, the implementation of the villagers autonomous. Since the implementation of "Organic law of the villagers committees of the people's republic of China" in 1987, the villagers self-government in China's vast rural areas step by step, and are subject to more and more attention, Communist party of China and all levels of government, village-level organizations and the majority of the villagers have made positive efforts and explore to improve the system of village autonomy and innovate the form of village self-government. After nearly three decades of development and improvement,Village self-government has become an institutional arrangement of the development of grassroots democracy and the way of rural governance. However, under the influence of complex environments, particularly in the era of post agricultural tax, with the changes of rural power structure and interest, village self-government encountered various difficulties and contradictions in practice. As a large agricultural country, governance in rural areas is the key. With the rapid development of globalization, China has integrated into the tide of global governance, the financial crisis has even pushed China into the world stage's Center. Under a pluralistic interests situation, we need the organization to fully expressed and effective maintenance the diverse interests of farmers, This requires both state and civil society to promote and maintain.At the same time, the future development of the rural social management also put forward the urgent need of the growth of rural civil society, because good governance is based on a healthy mature civil society. In the final analysis, village self-government encountered various difficulties and contradictions in practice, mainly because of the lack of a mature civil society and the adequate organization system in rural areas, thereby affecting the realization of concept of village self-government.This paper,starting with the interaction theory between the development of village self-government and the growth of civil society,Overview of the historical origins of China's village self-government and its development history, summed up the village self-government faced difficulties and contradictions in practice, analysis that the current difficulties is rooted in the lack of civil society in rural areas, combined with the abroad experience of rural governance,Finally, investigate the path of village self-government from the perspective of nurturing a civil society, proposed measures and suggestions to break the current dilemma.
Keywords/Search Tags:Villager self-government, Civil society, Grass-roots democracy, Development Path
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