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The Study Of The Benign Interactive Mechanism Between Public Agenda And Governmental Agenda

Posted on:2014-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330425986800Subject:Administrative Management
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The Policy Agenda, the decision-making section before the Public Policy, acts as thefilter when it comes to the decision if social problems should be placed on the agenda. Itdepends on the Policy Agenda-setting that what kind of social problems can be placed on thelist of policy problems as a matter of priority. Therefore, social problems could be solved bytaking appropriate measures. The Policy Agenda can be divided into two categories, PublicAgenda and Governmental Agenda. Generally speaking, to be policy problems, socialproblems always came into the Public Agenda first and then turned into the GovernmentalAgenda. In the past, the Governmental Agenda dominated over the Public Agenda due to thecharacteristic of political system in our country. With the rapid development of democracy,the application of deliberative democracy and good governance in political system in ourcountry, as well as the enhancement of awareness and ability of participating in politicalaffairs of citizens as they are interest demanding majority, the policy agenda in our country isunder a stepwise transition period from internal-orientation and political mobilization ofpolicy agenda-building mode to external-orientation of policy agenda-building mode. Thebenign interactive relationship between the Public Agenda and the Governmental Agenda isthe inner demand to implement the external-orientation of policy agenda-building mode.However, as a result of the inertia in traditional political system, the interactions between thePublic Agenda and the Governmental Agenda are insufficient. Therefore, problems arise likePublic Agenda weakness and agenda concealment. By defining the connotation of the benigninteraction between the Public Agenda and the Governmental Agenda and the component oftheir interactive mechanism, depending on the policy agenda theory, deliberative democracytheory, management and governance theory and service-oriented government theory, thisessay aims to analyze the problems and their causes in interactions between the PublicAgenda and the Governmental Agenda from five points of view which are interest demandsinput and processing mechanism, opinion poll mechanism, government-citizen interactionmechanism, mass media’s public opinion-oriented mechanism and operating protectionmechanism. On the basis of this investigation, this article proposes a countermeasure to builda benign interactive mechanism between the Public Agenda and the Governmental Agenda from five mechanisms respectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Agenda, Governmental Agenda, benign interactivemechanism, building
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