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The Research Of Development Of Cross-Straits Relations After Ma Yingjiu Came To Power

Posted on:2013-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330425991911Subject:Political Theory
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Since Ma Yingjiu came to the leader of the Taiwan region from2008, cross-straits relations appears to be the most stable state through60years. Both sides have achieved "three exchanges"and signed the Economic Cooperation Frame work Agreement.On the hitherto unknown development opportunity, study the development of cross-strait relations is of great practical significance and strategic significance.On2012election of Taiwan religion, the nationalist party candidate Ma Yingjiu got his second term in office with800000votes edges out Cai Yingwen. The narrow election comparable with the2000one reflect the problems of Ma Yingjiu and the goverment. This paper describes Taiwan’s past leaders’mainland policy and our policy towards Taiwan at the same period. Summarize the development and the change of cross-strait relations since Jiang Jieshi, especially focuse on Ma Yingjiu’s mainland policy and cross-strait relations throuth his time, analyzes the existing problems and the causes of these problems, prospect the trend of cross-strait relations in his second round of the ruling period.The paper analysis the reason that Ma Yingjiu administration’s cross-strait policys’ problems by the application of Anthony Downs’s theory of the middle voter theorem.And arrival at a conclusion of the article, that is although Ma Yingjiu’s second round of the ruling period avoids the fall back of the cross-strait relations, and rise up the cross-strait economic trade cooperation and cultural exchanges, the sensitive political issues are still faced with greater obstacles and are difficult to achieve institutional agreement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ma Yingjiu, the Nationalist Party, Mainland Policies, Cross-Straits Relations
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