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Ma Ying - Jeou 's Mainland Policy Analysis

Posted on:2016-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330452468620Subject:International relations
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It has been six years since Taiwan’s leader Ma Yingjiu took office. He pushed outMainland Policy that is totally different from his predecessor and received goodeffects.As is known to all, the cross-strait relations is closely linked with the MainlandPolicy of Taiwan, so is with this time. Ma Yingjiu’s Mainland Policy stands on hispredecessor and creates his own way of dealing mainland affairs. The Mainland Policy ofTaiwan is always aimed at improving economic competence, political influence andgovernance. But due to different political idea, he has a different approach and receiveddifferent effect. Strict principles were set when carrying out mainland affairs. Economiccooperation is for the benefit of Taiwan, any measures that would threaten Taiwan’sindustry are forbidden. In politics front, He emphasis on the legitimacy of the regime andintend to affect mainland politically. In military, he attaches importance to the security ofTaiwan and actively purchases weapons from the US. In effect, his mainland policy gavea boost to Taiwan’s economy and alleviated the tension between the two sides. There aremuch more consultation and negotiation across strait nowadays, broadening theinternational arena for Taiwan. Several roles have their impact on the policy making ofTaiwan, including mainland, the different officials and interest groups in Taiwan andsome related countries. We should see that this mainland policy could lead to thereunification that we all wish for, but it also contain potential that could result infragmentation. Political leaders in Taiwan should be conscious about the necessity ofreunification and the grave danger that separation may bring. Mainland should createmore channels in different levels for both sides to deepen communication and linkage, soas to laythe foundation for political integration.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ma Yingjiu, mainland policy, 1992consensus, cross-strait relations
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