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The Study Of Civil Society Organizations Participating In The Comprehensive Management Of Community Policing

Posted on:2014-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425992965Subject:Administrative Management
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Community policing comprehensive management for the maintenance of social stability and meeting people’s basic security needs is essential. With the continuous development of the society, organizations participating in community policing comprehensive management change from longitudinal to transverse mode, from traditional government authorities leding to multi-stakeholder participating. In this context a large number of civil society organizations participate in community policing comprehensive management. Civil society organizations, whose main part is social citizen, through self-management, self-education, self-service, information exchange, intermediation, build a connection bridge between citizens、autonomous organizations and governments.With the continuous development of society, some civil society organizations who played an important role in community policing comprehensive management, such as community polices, security companies and so on, have been partly、 gradually replaced by other society organizations, while other society organizations gradually assume new community policing duties, such as participation in community corrections, community crime prevention and control. Those civil society involved in the comprehensive management of community policing are different with other civil organizations in functions. How to rationalize civil society’s specific functions, how to guide and strengthen the management on civil organizations, so that they play an active role in maintaining safety and stability in community, which are what this article want to study, that.rarely discussed in the previous literature.This paper use the way of summarizing the literature, abstraction and other methods of thinking to rationalize a lot of literature. Firstly, define and give theoretical analysis to the civil organizations participating in community policing,and introduce a few cases of civil society organizations participating in community security comprehensive management and their structures, analyze their series of functions. Finally, this paper analyze the opportunities and challenges of the civil society participating in community policing comprehensive management organizations are facing, and give suggestions to its further development.After analysis, the paper argues that the development of market economy and the development of modern science and technology is the opportunity of civil society organizations participating in community security comprehensive management; while social attitudes do not pay attention, legal regulations are incomplete, inadequate funding, problems in internal management and capacity building, public active participation is not high, the quality of personnel is not high, the effectiveness of civil society organizations and other issues are involved in community policing comprehensive management challenges.Civil society organizations to participate in community policing for the comprehensive management, this paper proposes the following measures and suggestions:step up publicity efforts to improve the degree of awareness; accelerate the relevant legislation, improve the legal system; multi-channel financing to ease the financial strain; improve the organizational structure of internal governance; strengthen appropriate social support networks; strengthen member team quality construction; perfect the supervision mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Comprehensive management of community policing, civil societyorganizations
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