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Exploration On The Service Mode Of Combining Medical Care And Nursing Of The Old People

Posted on:2013-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425997171Subject:Social security
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With China’s increasingly severe situation of ageing population, the old people’s pension and medical care problem become increasingly prominent. Medical institutions and endowment institutions for the aged are independent with each other and develop their own systems. This often makes the old unable to get timely and effective treatment when their health situation and self-care ability changed. They have to commute between home, the hospital and the endowment institution which not only delayed treatment and increased the cost but also increased the burden of the family. That is to say,"provide the elderly with proper care and medical treatment" can be combined together.This paper analyzes the necessity and feasibility of the service mode of combining medical and pension service of the old people. We researched the achievements and the existing problems of the service mode of combining medical service and pension in our country at present. We made an analysis of domestic cases and international experience, and then put forward the mode of combining medical care and pension according to China’s situation, that is, through the combination of medical institution and endowment institution, we achieved to share the resources, complement with each other’s strengths, establish a combined medical and pension service agency, and form the service mode, which is a composite service mode with both endowment function and the medical care.This paper argues that, there are four aspects of how to perfect combined service mode of the old people:firstly, make sure a clear thinking and positioning of medical service system construction. Secondly, find sound elements of the service mode, the first is that the combination medical service mode needs to lead to the industrialization road, but in practice we need to prevent the combined medical and pension service enter the market simply, even go completely the commercial road; the second is that providers of the service should be diversified, the government should play a leading role, and actively explore to establish a mechanism with more social forces; the third is that the combined medical and pension service institutions need to achieve the corresponding access conditions. Forth, innovation of medical service mode, service mode is through the government’s leading plan as a whole, setting or planning endowment institutions and medical institutions that are close to each other; Add hospitals to traditional endowment institutions; Transform part of the second class hospitals to rehabilitation for old people, nursing center to provide a comprehensive range of medical service as a combination. Finally, the promotion condition of the medical service mode needs the attention of the whole society and timely comprehensive policy guarantee, and the working out of unified access standard of the combined medical and pension service institutions, and make clear the subject for the management of the medical service mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:Old Aged People, Combining the Medical Care and Nursing Service, Service Mode
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