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Research On Collaborative Governance Impact On Urban Community Public Security Construction

Posted on:2015-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428457469Subject:Administrative Management
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With the modernization construction of our country enter the period of strategicopportunities, the urbanization process speeded up gradually, the society has enteredthe high risks. The city public security problem has become increasingly complex,Urban community public security construction is facing unprecedented challenges, thecommunity public security problem increasingly brought to the attention of the citymanagers. On the one hand, the community as the basic unit of city operation andmanagement, it undertakes responsibility for reducing the operation risk of the cityand promote economic and cultural city. On the other hand, the relative independenceof community as urban residents living area, undertaking responsibility for guaranteethe property and personal safety. Therefore, the urban community public securityconstruction has a close relationship with the development of the society and people’svital interests.At the same time, collaborative governance as one kind of managementsystem which many countries advocate nowadays, has been mature with thedeepening of the research. Through literature study we can find that although differentscholars for the definition of cooperative governance has not reached a clearconsensus, a growing body of research results show that collaborative governanceconstruction of urban community public safety effect has a certain impact, but thespecific influence mechanism lacks the corresponding empirical analysis andresearch.Based on the above reasons, this article tries to take X city as an example, todiscuss the collaborative management of community public security constructioneffect. In this paper, through summarizing the two aspects of cooperation governanceand community public security research and practical results, converting the Anselland Gash proposed cooperation governance model as a research model in this paper.We use literature analysis method on the basis of the model in combination withrelated literature hypothesis,. We through questionnaire survey to obtain the requireddata in this paper in several community in X city. Using statistical analysis software,combined with the analysis of the different methods of recycling questionnaire dataanalysis results, then use the relevant analysis and regression analysis method anddraw conclusions. As the cooperation degree of symmetry of the governance structureof the power resources, participation motivation、the past history of conflict orcooperation、leadership role、system design、face to face communication、trustestablishment、cognitive Shared and the intermediate results positive impact onconstruction of city community public security, and the impact is significant. Only acommitment to the process with the community public security constructioncorrelation is weak.Based on the above analysis, the article draws from the perspective of cooperationgovernance promote community public security construction of enlightenment: firstof all, Strengthen the face to face communication, cultivate the community network,form a good community specification. The second, strengthen the trust betweencommunities,establishing the harmonious interpersonal relationship. The third, improving cognitive shared, to inspire and cultivate the sense of community residents.The fourth, Increasing the intermediate results, to strengthen the idea of communitysafety. The fifth, Strengthening community management, promoting the balanceddevelopment of various cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Collaborative governance, Community, Public security in community
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