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Research About Spiritual Care For Disabled Elder In The Pension Institutions With Social Work Interview

Posted on:2014-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428459748Subject:Social work
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It is anticipated that China would be the first country with200million elder people in2015. The urge demand on pension would massively emerge at that time. Institutional pension is the essential component of our social pension insurance system and the pension institutions are the main areas of care where elder people can enjoy various services including medical treatment, medical care, recovery and everyday life care. However, due to the influence of Confucianism, Chinese people prefer to stay at home for pension rather than go to the pension institutions, which is quite different from other countries. Even though there are some disable elder people now living in the pension institutions, it is not from their will and the bias on the institutional pension also cause the low acceptance of institutional pension. Meanwhile, the quality of services cannot satisfy requirements of spiritual care. Some parts of elder people who are living in the pension institution obtain the feature of illness, high age and physically disability. Comparing to other elders from low income regions, they receive more super funds and never worry about their financial situations. Relatively, they have more urge demands on the spiritual care on them. In consideration of this issue, this research would investigate the current situations of aged people and their demands via the deep and further study based on the case in Nanjing nursing houses and the disable people as examples, then illustrate the suitable social methodologies and intervention schemes that directed by social demand and convey the goal of enriching the spiritual lives of elder people and increasing happiness.As reports indicate, the disables aged people have the urge demands of sense of acceptance, expressing, self-determination and self-achievement. Social workers should diligently consider the demands of disabled aged people before conducting the public affairs. Under months’investigation, author has found that the behavioral recognition model and human based model can facilitate the spiritual consolation between social workers and elder people. Besides, author has developed a new assessment system with the reference to the ecosystem factors and quantitative methodologies. This assessment system could solve the difficulties in conducting public affairs towards intellectual and linguistic disabled aged people and provide the achievable benchmark for evaluating social interventions as well.Although the concept of public affair remains fresh in China, the tremendous trend of aging population implies the great shortage of time in its implementation. Social workers, specifically for elder people, should hold the core value of being social workers, make well preparations ahead of time, internalizing service methods, reasonably and flexibly evaluating the consequences of public affairs so that persuades aged people could help themselves before others’helps.
Keywords/Search Tags:social job intervention, spiritual consolation, human based model, behaviors recognition model
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