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The Analysis Of Occupation Career Development Of Female Civil Servant In China

Posted on:2015-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the founding of new China, with the continuous development of China’seconomy and the status of women gradually enhanced, China’s women’s self-awarenessand sense of independence have become increasingly enhanced. A growing number ofwomen from the family to society that adequately develop their ability and cleverness inthe workplace, so they are gradually become an indispensable driving force of theprocess of social development. National civil servants’ as high level talent groups in ourcountry, also are our women to show in a big way of occupational career. In recent years,the increase in the proportion of female civil servants serving, it is explaining the abilityand the value of women have been received the social recognition and acceptance. It hasimportant influence on the society. But, due to themselves’ and the outside worldvarious reasons, that bring some plight in the female civil servants’ occupation careerdevelopment. How to encourage the occupation career development of female civilservants, it has important practical significance.Based on above, this paper is to present our country female civil servantsoccupation as a research object, and discuss the characteristics of Chinese female civilservants occupation career development by the career theory; from the point of view ifsocial gender perspective,explore and analyze the careers of female civil servants in thedevelopment process and the reason for the problems, and then propose relevantsolutions. The first part is an introduction. Mainly introduced this article selected topicbackground and research significance. Base on a large number of pertinent information summarized the domestic and foreign research and proposes this paper’s researchcontents and research method. The second part is mainly defined the research object,include the concept of female civil servant occupation career development; then,introducing the basic theories such as gender theory、occupation career developmenttheory and work-family balance theory. The third part is summarized the currentsituation of China’s female civil servants’ occupation career development, and fromexternal and internal analyzes the existing problems and the reasons for the chinafemale civil servant occupation career development. The fourth part, aiming at anexisting problem in the development of female civil servants occupy career. Throughusing some policies and experience of external female civil servants, put forward thecorresponding countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Occupation Career Development, Female Civil Servant, Countermeasures
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