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Environmental Cooperation Of China Japan And South Korea Under The Background Of Globalization

Posted on:2015-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428996515Subject:International politics
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After the cold war, along with the rapid growth of international socio-economy,people gradually paid attention to environmental issues; international environmentalcooperation conducted for the environmental protection has become a very importantissue in the field of modern international relations research. The main environmentalissues in Northeast Asia include acid rain, dust storms, marine pollution problem, andso on. Due to environmental problems contain transitional and indivisiblecharacteristics; it is impossible that one single country can solve all theseenvironmental problems alone. The only way to improve the quality of environmentfrom severe situation is the cooperation between countries in the region. As the mostimportant countries in the Northeast Asia: China, Japan, Korea have already form amulti-level, multi-field and multi-channel pattern through the cooperation and haveachieved success to some content.Introduction part will include the definition and classification of environmentalcooperation, overall comments on the status of the research in this filed and partiallyresearch achievements. The topic goal will be mentioned in this part also. The firstchapter will cover a brief analysis of the environmental cooperation topic underglobalization issues, at the same time content of review the environmental problemsmainly faced by Northeast Asia: air pollution, marine pollution, dust storms and theirassociated environmental problems caused will be discussed. A brief introduction ofthe history of environmental cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea willbe covered also. The second chapter will cover establishment of environmentalcooperation mechanism and system between China, Japan and South Korea. First, theprocess of establishment of environmental cooperation mechanism and systembetween China, Japan and South Korea will be mentioned. Then, summarize the typeand characteristic of environmental cooperation mechanism and system between China, Japan and South Korea base on bilateral and trilateral classification methods.Finally, make specific analysis on the case study of dust storm and acid rain issuesduring cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea. Third chapter willelaborate the obstacle faced and intrinsic motivation of trilateral environmentalcooperation between China, Japan and South Korea. Fourth chapter will mainly coverthe perspectives and topics of environmental cooperation mechanism between China,Japan and South Korea. First make a general evaluation on environmental cooperationbetween China, Japan and South Korea, and then discuss the new topic ofenvironmental cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea. Finally theoutlook of environmental cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea will becovered. At the last part of this report, summarize the whole paper and conduct atheoretical conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Globalization, Environmental Cooperation between China, Japan and SouthKorea, Northeast Asia, Mechanism
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