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Japan's Northeast Asian Strategy And Sino-japanese Relations

Posted on:2007-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360185479767Subject:International politics
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China and Japan are neighbors separated by only a strip of water, China-Japan relations is good or bad will directly affect the well-being of the two peoples and will substantially affect the evolution of the Northeast Agamemnon Board.After the Cold War, Japan's economic, political, ideological and social fields have undergone profound changes in its foreign and security policy has also carried out major adjustments. Japan from the "bubble economy" a decade of stagnation glory in recent years have gradually recovered, in the economic boom, while Japan and the social thinking of political parties are becoming increasingly conservative. National development objectives is to make post-war Japan from shackles, a "common state" and has said its relative economic strength of the international political status. To this end, Japan is now considering amending the Constitution, to take part in UN peacekeeping operations, in conjunction with the United States in combating international terrorism, the name of the overseas dispatch of the SDF, through "events law"Japan' s military expansion provides the legal basis for the reform of the United Nations and by actively seeking to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. 1996, through the Japan-U.S. alliance "redefined", the United States has upgraded "the status of Japan in the U.S. global strategy, aggravated Japanese diplomatic imbalance.Japan Northeast Asia strategy based on the Japan-U. S. alliance, to accelerate breakthroughs in the peace constitution limits. Relying on the Japan-U. S. alliance relationship, the use of North unstable political environment, and speed up the revision of the peace constitution, the expansion of military forces, increase military influence in Asia, the realization of the so-called "ordinary country", and eventually became known as the relative political power and economic strength.Out of national interest considerations, the Japanese foreign faces numerous contradictions and confusion, and demonstrated outstanding character. In particular the rapid rise of China is the development of opportunities for Japan and the challenges of development and their hearts very reluctant to see a growing China in the Asia-Pacific region to challenge the dominant position. Therefore, Japan' s China policy in the prevention and cooperation coexist with the development of Sino-Japanese relations beneficial effects and adverse effects coexist.
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