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The Construction Of Environmental Cooperation Mechanism Between China And Japan

Posted on:2017-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y S ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482493834Subject:International politics
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The environmental cooperation is one of the great potential cooperation areas with fruitful achievements but little disputed between China and Japan. Ever since the diplomatic normalization of the Sino-Japanese relations in 70 s, the Japanese environmental delegation has visited China in 1977 which symbolized the beginning of the environmental cooperation between China and Japan. There are three features about the overall layout of Sino-Japan environmental cooperation mechanism: governmental agreements designs framework for it, fruitful projects provides energy and Sino-Japan environmental agency work as implement organization. During over 30 years of collaboration practice, Sino-Japan mechanical tendency has became obvious while the frame was enriched, expanded and perfected.From the perspective of China-Japan environmental cooperation practices and environmental cooperation mechanism theory,this article combined with the construction of China-Japan strategic relationship with mutual benefit has studied the following issues on construction of Sino-Japan environment cooperation mechanism:the rational basis and realistic need, the internal logic between the mechanism and China-Japan strategic relationship with mutual benefit, the interaction of the mechanism with Northeast Asia multilateral environmental cooperation mechanisms, the dilemma and future outlook of the mechanism. There are five chapters besides the introduction and conclusion in this paper. Chapter 1 is about the theoretical interpretation including the concept of international cooperation,the validity of International environment cooperation mechanism and the rational basis of China-Japan environmental cooperation mechanism. Chapter 2 has reviewed the construction process of the mechanism and figured out that the mechanism is the result of objective need and subjective pursuit of Sino-Japanese environment cooperation which closely interacted with multilateral environment cooperation mechanisms in Northeast Asia. Chapter 3 sorted out the framework and network of the mechanism by analyzing the connotation and relevant factors. Chapter 4 points out the dilemma of Sino-Japan environment cooperation mechanism from the perspective of international environment cooperation mechanism theory and practical experience. Chapter 5 looks forward to the further construction of Sino-Japanese environmental cooperation mechanism through the conceptual design, mechanism integration and resource optimization.Under the dual perspectives of Sino-Japan environmental cooperation practice and environmental cooperation mechanism theory, this article in-depth analyzed the process, framework and route of its construction. As one way to stimulate Sino-Japanese relations, China-Japan environmental cooperation mechanism is expected to have positive effects on Sino-Japanese relations through conceptual design, improved function and resource optimization under the trend of Northeast Asia regional environment cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:China-Japan environmental cooperation, Sino-Japanese relation, environmental cooperation mechanism, Northeast Asia regional environment cooperation, mechanism construction
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