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The Sino-Japanese Relation And The Structure Of The Northeast Asia Security Corporation System

Posted on:2010-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360278467782Subject:Marxist theory
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After the Cold War, the strategic concept of security is changing, and cooperative security as an "expanded concept of security" has been generally accepted, more and more attention to regional security, and the Northeast Asian region to establish a new security order in the country has fallen into a big game and competition, and the establishment of security order in Northeast Asia is still lagging behind so that at the core of the United States, based on the United States and Japan, including South Korea to participate in the old system, have not changed fundamentally.Analysis of the post-Cold War security dilemma in Northeast Asia the causes, as well as China and Japan in Northeast Asia, the concept of different strategies, we can see that there are that are not conducive to building a security mechanism for Northeast Asia, the impact of factors such as: changes in Sino-Japanese national comparison China and Japan brought about by the intention of understanding between the countries of the differences in the political field in a relatively low degree of trust, security and other areas of mutual distrust. This paper analyzes the Sino-Japanese and Northeast Asian regional security cooperation mechanism to build the conditions, including China and Japan to build a mechanism for security cooperation in Northeast Asia of the positive impact on security and cooperation mechanism to build a favorable condition and the feasibility of building a Sino-Japanese security cooperation for the factors such as the challenge mechanism. Construction of proposed mechanism for security cooperation in Northeast Asia of the basic ideas, including the construction of the general principles and some specific ideas, such as: equality and mutual benefit, consensus and respect for regional diversity, a gradual and orderly manner, respecting the principles of sovereignty and noninterference in each other, based on enhanced regional economic cooperation mechanisms between countries narrow the gap between rich and poor, the establishment of Northeast Asia security consultation mechanism, institutional arrangements to safeguard and maintain regional security in Northeast Asia; to the six-party talks, based on building a framework for regional security cooperation; the establishment of regional comprehensive security protection mechanisms; integration of the existing military alliance, the establishment of arms control cooperation mechanisms, step-by-step in line with the interests of all parties to build a security mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:China, Japan, Northeast Asia, security cooperation, the plight of Mechanism
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