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Research On Effectiveness Of The Government Managing T He Public School From The Perspective Of The New Public Service Theory

Posted on:2013-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330374467622Subject:Education Policy
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At present, our basic education management system has tended to stable and formed "province plans as a whole, and gives priority to county" as the operation thoughts and framework. In this process, the center of management of government for public schools is going down. It shows that the question of basic education area for government has moved from "to be or not" to "how to manage ". the new public management theory, as a concept impact the global government administrative reform, has become the guide to reform school management of government for various countries. From the surface is concerned, the school management of government seems to be more efficient under the influence of the theory, but in fact, this theory brings negative influences such as educational ethics and weakening of political function. Based on the critical and reflection on the inherent defect of new public management, the new public service theory, which emphasizes efficiency and fairness at same time, has emerged. So the problem of school management of government is not merely effectiveness, but the effectiveness of the service spirit injecting value orientation consisted of fair and democracy. Based on this logic, the author puts forward to demonstrate the effectiveness of public school management from government in the concept of the new public service theory. The paper combines quantitative research with qualitative research, though the approach include macro analysis, case anatomy and national comparison, to present a prospect of effectiveness of school management of government, so as to provide reference for school management of government. In particular, the paper frame consists of three parts.The first part of this paper is introduction and the first chapter. Based on the emphasis of the study, it opens up literature review from the new public service which is the key factor to determine the effectiveness. Put forward core argument, the school management of government should turn to service from management. Afterwards, this paper studies the history background, realistic conditions and theoretical basis of government school management behavior transformation. In the historical aspect, the background of the transformation is that our centralized government turns to decentralization. In the actual aspect, the transformation is not only derived from times demand of education by various communities, but also the effective error correction from government. It can’t be ignored that the emergence of education intermediary organizations provides the operation space for the transformation. In the theoretical aspect, the new public service theory lays the theoretical cornerstone for the transformation of government school management.The second part of the paper is the key content, including the second chapter and the third chapter. In the second chapter, the author gives an example of pudong new area of shanghai to analyse its beneficial attempt of organization reform and function change. And it leads to the deep thought of school management of government. The third chapter of the paper picks off the practice of school management of government of United States, Britain, New Zealand from the tide of global education reform. It describes the importance of measures and demonstrates the convergence characteristics in the reform. And it highlights two problems appeared:the imbalances of devolution of powers and the weakening of education spirit.The third part is the foothold of the paper. This part is to seek how to promote the effectiveness of school management of government, in response to the above analysis. It demonstrates the effectiveness of school management of government depends on the transformation of government behavior which transforms from "management" to "service ". And it can be realized by the multidimensional construction such as value and idea, function and ability, organization and operation.
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