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The Case Analysis Of The Holistic Marketing In The Gvsun Education Of Information Technology Services

Posted on:2013-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330374468283Subject:Business Administration
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As the release of “education information,10-year development plan (2011-2020), by theMinistry of Education,", the informatization process of China’s education has been furtherdeveloped. The information needs of the education sector is diversification, small quantities,in addition to basic facilities, digital campus platform services provided by large enterprises,other services are provided by small businesses. For these SMEs, the small market size, andneeds changing and highly competitive, marketing is an important part of the survival of theseenterprises. The contents of this research for the service industry, small and medium-sizedenterprises in education, has a very important practical significance.In this study, according to Kotler’s "Marketing Management", a comprehensivemarketing theory, study the case of GVSUN company’s marketing management, on thebackground of their industry in the education, the service changed process from theprocurement of equipment, multimedia network integrated to the experimental teachingcontent, management and integration of the U.S. technical education industry associatedmiddleware, edutainment middleware, cloud service platform and the development of theeducation model and the strategic development of the products, around the company’senvironmental, by the means of the PEST, SWOT,6Ps, and other means, analysis the sectors(political, economic, social, cultural, technical) environment, competitors, determine theimpact of the company’s core competitiveness and competition, a key factor, a comprehensiveanalysis of education sector IT technology service provider GVSUN Business networkInformation technology Co., Ltd’s marketing strategy, from the beginning of the only CEOsdo sales to everyone concerned about the marketing organization product unit operations tothe customer base, from maintaining the past to the process of innovative change, marketingmanagement tasks, the cultural innovation, management innovation, channel innovation,lessons learned summarized.In this study, the characteristics of the IT technology services firm, the senior leadershipperspective, through the analysis of first-hand information, found in the process of rapidchange in the Services and Markets, the marketing model does not match, the company will be the personnel unit cost magnitude of decline to increase the level of profits, decline intraditional business in the competitive marketing system is fragile, the obvious contradictionbetween customization and product, and company operations strategy is not clear, and providethe comprehensive response measures, such as make the company’s product lines clear andfocused development, reasonable financing, improve core competitiveness, the traditionalbusiness to operate independently, to the R&D internationalization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education information, Overall marketing, Small and mediumenterprises, Marketing strategy, IT services
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