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Marketing Strategy Analysis Of Small Extracurricular Counseling Agencies Of Middle And Primary School

Posted on:2013-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330374469811Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The analysis report of Chinese education training market’s research and development prospects points out that China education training market potential scale to will achieve300billion yuan, and the children that will participate in various training will add up to more than100million each year. At present, our country’s primary and middle school students amount to more than200million. In large and medium cities, more than90%of primary and middle school students are taking in all kinds of instruction after class, this is a very huge demand market. Due to the perfect prospects of this business, in June2011, we created the Changsha Jing Bang education&consulting Co., LTDChina has promulgated 《the romotion law of he People’s Republic of China private education》and 《the regulation on the implementation of the private education promotion law》, These policy standard ed the management of private education t, established ownership and the legal status of the private education. In recent years, private education flourished in the spring breeze of reform. Extra curricular counselling organization is a kind of private education. In recent years, a large number of domestic and foreign capital inflow extracurricular counselling market, the heat of the extracurricular counseling market is wide concerned by the public. Listed company and the industry’s giants such as Beijing new Oriental education technology (group) Co., LTD, Xueda education, Science and Education Group has springed up. In addition to these Brother, more is small and medium extracurricular counselling organization.We called the extracurricular counselling organization (the students fewer than300, the teachers fewer than20, and the teaching area of less than300square meters of) small extracurricular counselling organization. The operation mode of Extracurricular counseling agencies is very different from other industrial enterprise, In nature it belongs to the service sector, but other than the traditional service.His customers (students) and buyer (parent) do not belong to the same individual, So in marketing strategy it ought to take different measures.And the main marketing strategy of medium-large extracurricular counselling organizations and small extracurricular extracurricular counselling is also different. This study is aimed to make a SWOT analysis with the present situation of the small extracurricular counselling organization, and than make a comprehensive analysis with the seven marketing strategy of the small extracurricular counseling agencies, examine the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats of each marketing strategy.At last present the principle and optimization solution of small extracurricular counselling organization marketing strategies. This paper formed a suit of operable marketing strategies suitable for small extracurricular counselling organization, and it has practical significance to guide the entrepreneurs of extracurricular counselling trainingThis paper is divided into five chapters. Chapter1(introduction) analysised the background of extracurricular counseling industry and Jinbang company, introduced the method of SWOT analysis and7P theory of marketing. In chapter2, the research status of extracurricular counseling are analyzed including the characteristics and the reason of it. In chapter3, we firt defined7P theory and each theory of7P theory, then made a analysis with the opportunities, reats advantages and disadvantages of mall extracurricular counseling agencies. and examined the marketing Actuality of Changsha Jing Bang education consulting Co., LTD. And on this basis, made a detailed SWOT analysis of product strategy price strategy, channel strategy promotion strategy, personnel management strategy, physical evidence strategy, process management strategy of the Changsha Jinbang education consulting Co., LTD. In chapter4, we elaborated of the principle of the marketing strategy should abide by and the improving direction of marketing strategy for the small extracurricular counselling company. We emphsised that we should attach great importance to team marketing methods and micro Po marketing way of the network marketing. In chapter5,this paper is summarized, we pointed out the problems, and the future research direction of this study.
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