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Research On Compulsory Educational Balanced Development Indicator System

Posted on:2013-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330374962436Subject:Principles of Education
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During social transformation period, the regional imbalance development becomes serious. Some condition such as school choice and Rent-Seeking Corruption do harmful to balanced development on compulsory education."National Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)" make it clear that by2020the country must work hard on narrowing down the regional and urban-rural area gap. In order to achieve the goals, we must set up indicator system of balanced development on regional compulsory education, and then use the indicator to investigate the problem in the compulsory education development.This paper bases on combining system model and education justice theory. Firstly, by analyzing the basic use systematical viewpoint builds obligation investigation ways; we modified the evaluation index system structure. Then we use the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to determine the weigh of each index. The indicator system bases on system model divided the educational balance indicator system into three fields. That is education background education input and education outcome. Education background fields divided into two indexes, that is culture background and economic background. Education input fields divided into three first grade indexes, that is fund investment teacher resources investment and material resources investment indexes. Education outcome fields divided into three first grade indexes. The first grade divided into some second grade indexes.The analysis aims at education input. We use the indicator system to measure the middle education regional difference. We have found such conclusion as follows:Firstly, from the national wide in the fields of education input:the absolute gap of funds investment between different country has enlarged by year; the relative gap presents wave development, but it keeps very high level. In the aspect of teacher resources input, the qualified teacher rate has enlarged, the teacher average wages gap have enlarged by year. Besides the absolute gap of teacher wage have enlarged by year, the relative gap or the qualified teacher rate have decreased by year. In the material resources investment fields, the relative gap students’average instrument value is higher than other indicator, the gap of other indicator present a tendency of decreasing.Secondly, from the thirty-one provinces of China, in2009the cities get the top three education scores is Shanghai Beijing and Tianjin, the cities get the last three education scores is Henan Jiangxi and Guizhou. There are15province get the scores below the average scores of national average.Thirdly we divided the country into east zone middle zone and west zone, in the fields of education input national wide, the fund investment in east zone more than two-fond than middle east zone. West zone is slightly better than middle zone. In the aspect of education teacher resources input, the qualified teacher rate in east zone is higher then middle west zone by thirteen percent. The average wage of teacher in east zone is about1.5times than middle and west zone. The teacher quantity in east zone is sufficient than middle and east zone, the gap of teacher resources between middle zone and west zone are not obvious. In the aspect of resources input, the every indicator is lower than the indicator of west and middle zone besides the indicator of class sizes.
Keywords/Search Tags:compulsory education, balanced development, Delphiresearch, the Analytic Hierarchy Process, indicator system
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