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Analysis On Present Situation Of Postgraduates Marriage And Love Values And Research On Corresponding Countermeasures

Posted on:2014-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330392963712Subject:Ideological and political education
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Love and marriage value is one aspect of the values. It is about people’s basic attitudes towards mate, love, marriage and the family, playing a leading role in people’s love and marriage behavior.Whether one’s love and marriage value is healthy has a direct impact on one’s life.At present, our country is in a multicultural era, where a variety of values collide with each other fiercely. And there are a lot of contradictions and conflicts between Chinese traditional view on love and marriage and the new one built up gradually in the process of adapting social development.Many people are confused in the face of such contradictions and conflicts, gradually lost themselves. Due to their own characteristics, postgraduates in the university campus can not avoid stepping into this dilemma. What’s worse, they are influenced seriously. As senior intellectuals, they are the main force of the construction of China. Thus, their love and marriage value will affect not only themselves, but also the community, or even the country. Therefore, workers in the College Moral Education have the responsibilities to guide and educate postgraduates systematically in the problem. On the whole, the current mainstream consciousness on the love and marriage values of postgraduates is relatively healthy and reasonable, but there are still some problems. These issues bring challenges and difficulties to our methodology. We need to study further, and then put forwarda reasonable countermeasures.At the beginning of this article is the introduction. The main contents include the background, purpose and significance of the topic, the current researches on the love and marriage value at home and abroad, the shortcomings of current study and the main innovations of this article. The first part of the text describes some of the basic theories of the concept of love and marriage, including thetraditional Chinese marriage ethical thought, Marxist thinking of love and marriage and mate theory. The second part expounds the status quo, characteristics, problems in postgraduates’ love andmarriage values, emphatically analyzes the reasons of the problems. The third part discusses some related countermeasures how the college ideological workers to help postgraduates establish a healthy and reasonable values of love and marriage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Graduates, The love and marriage values, Problems countermeasures
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