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A Study On The Changes Of Youths’ Values Of Love And Marriage Since The Reform And Opening Up

Posted on:2013-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374450899Subject:Ideological and political education
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Marriage is the most direct the most initial form to produce social relationswhich connect one person and others. On the basis of love in marriage and family,procreation is human oneself development of the eternal way. Youth, because of thespecial physiological and psychological characteristic, which deciding to them thanthe other groups on love are more sensitive, more investment. Along with thedeepening of reform and opening up, social politics, economy, cultural development,youth’s behavior and marriage have also had the remarkable change. With theimprovement of life level, the city changes a process to accelerate, education level isgeneral promoted to features of modernization and promote our youth marriage valueschange.Love and marriage values are an important component of values, is people withpersonal internal value based on love, marriage problem basic view, is the youth tolove nature, criteria of choosing spouse, manner, the basis of a good marriage, sexualorientation and related ethical issues are held view and evaluation. One’s love andmarriage values and behavior are closely related. Personal love and marriage valuesare formed by the parties in the sex, love, marriage and three aspects of continuoussocialization and individualization process. Love and marriage values is the tendencyof individual consciousness reaction, is also a kind of social ideology, is a reflectionof society, and therefore different people will have different social stages of love andmarriage values, marriage form is also showing a trend of diversity.In this paper, the reform and opening up thirty years of history as the background,with the youth group as the research object, to love and marriage values as theresearch content, in draw lessons from others on the basis of research results, theintegrated use of sociology, psychology, pedagogy and youth science theory andmethod to develop research. The main content of the thesis and mainly includes sixparts: the first part, introduction. The paper describes the study background, reviews the domestic and foreign marriage values research results, points out the existingshortcomings and problems needed to be solved in research. The second part, sincethe reform and opening up young love and marriage values vicissitude. Carding sincereform and opening up young love and marriage values change the trajectory of thisperiod, the economic system reform of our country to the youth ideology and valuesbrought about tremendous changes. The third part, since the reform and opening upyoung love and marriage values change characteristic analysis. Young for love, matechoice, sex, marriage and family and fertility attitude for content analysis, discoursesince the reform and opening up young love and marriage values change maincharacters and problems. The fourth part, since the reform and opening up young loveand marriage values change reason analysis. Analysis of the individual psychologicalfactors, school factors, social and cultural factors, Western values and mass media onyoung love and marriage values influence. The fifth part is to establish the correctvalues of love and marriage. Combined with the youth’s marriage values changecharacteristic and influence factors, to analyze and solve the problem ofcountermeasures, to guide the youth to establish healthy, rational marriage values.The sixth part is conclusion and thinking. Inductive research purpose and results,analysis and predict the future development trend of young love and marriage values;the lack of research, clear the next research direction.
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