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Graduate Student Counselor Team Construction Of Long-term Mechanism Research

Posted on:2014-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401482372Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Graduate student counselors carry graduate students daily management and ideologicaland political education responsibility and mission, in relation to the right direction of thegraduate students’ ideological and political education and the scientific level of educationalmanagement of universities. The development of current college education system and reformmake the scale of graduate students’ recruitment enlargement. The graduate student’s dailymanagement, especially of the ideological and political education problems becomes theincreasingly common one. This paper will take college graduate students as a special group,and graduate student counselors team as a unique perspective, analyze and master graduatestudent counselors team construction mechanism and operation mode, which to providehuman resource security for ideological and political education of graduate students. Based oncombing the basic situation of the graduate student counselors team and realistic situationinvestigation, taking Marxism scientific theory as a guide, do scientific analysis of graduatestudent counselor team construction long-effect mechanism, which involves human resourcesselection mechanism, training and development mechanism, management mechanism andevaluation mechanism quaternary system engineering. Quaternary internal mechanismconstitutes the mode of long-term mechanism of graduate student counselor construction.Through a micro reading of the quaternary internal components, probe into the basicoperation mechanism, so as to be institutionalized norms and management to ensure thehealthy operation mechanism and benign development. This paper from a macroscopic toclear the quaternary structure of graduate student counselor, and a microscopic to refining thestructure of internal elements, theoretically thoroughly analyzes the operation of the systemspecification. Through the experience summarize and theoretical generalization to put forwardthe graduate student counselors’ team mechanism construction, emphasis should be put ontalent introduction, incentive mechanism, system construction, and unified leadership to makedetailed planning and deployment. Then fundamentally solve a series of problems andcontradictions from current graduate instructors. To promote graduate student counselors’team construction needs from the macroscopic to clear the frame structure, the microscopicprobe into its components, and the system to regulate its operation mode, which can achievethe long-term mechanism of graduate student counselors’ team construction, realize theuniversity graduate student ideological and political education of the scientific level.
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