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Study On Social Work Agencies Participation In Community Service In The Pattern Of Government Purchase Service

Posted on:2019-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330545498780Subject:Social Work
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With the development of society,the demand for public services by citizens has been growing and diversifying.It has been unable to effectively meet the needs of the society by relying solely on the mode in which the original government provided public services.In recent years,government-led,social organizations and the general public have gradually formed.Participating social services provide new models.Practical experience has proved that social service organizations’ involvement in community service under the government procurement service model is of great significance to the government,social worker organizations,and the public.However,due to the government’s purchasing service model for social workers is still in a preliminary exploration stage,many problems will arise in the actual operation process.This article studies the social service agency involvement in the community service under the government purchasing service model from the following five aspects:First,it introduces the research background,significance,review,methods and theoretical basis of this article.Second,explain the related basic concepts and the two modes of project purchase and job purchase.Thirdly,taking the Hefei W community service center as an example,it analyzes the specific operations from the investigation of community residents’ needs,the establishment of preliminary contacts,the effective linking of resources,the integration of multiple entities,the satisfaction of diversity needs,and the provision of personalized services.Under the mode of government procurement services,social workers’ intervention in community service forms is conducive to the government’s efforts to improve the innovative social management service model and promote the orderly development of social management.For social institutions,it is conducive to the development of professional professional social work;for the public,it is conducive to meeting the diversified living needs of community residents,improving social welfare and people’s quality of life,and enhancing social participation of the public enthusiasm.Fourth,combining with the problems found in the W Community Service Centers,from the perspective of the government,community,social worker organizations,and community residents,the present predicament of the social services provided by the government under the model of social services purchased by the government is mainly reflected in the role of the government in social organizations and The position of the work is rather vague;the system of government procurement services is not perfect;the resources used by the social work institutions to undertake services are lacking;the "de-administration" faced by the social worker organizations in the course of carrying out the work after the undertaking of services;the social organization organization’s own management Improve;residents of the district are currently less aware of the purchase of social services and have a weak sense of participation;social workers have difficulties in coordinating services between the community and the community.Fifth,from the aspects of government,community,social worker organizations,and community residents,we propose to further promote the government’s involvement in community service development under the government procurement service model.From the government’s point of view,it is necessary to increase propaganda and improve the institutional mechanisms for government procurement of services.From the community’s point of view,it is necessary to change concepts and strengthen the coordination and cooperation of multiple entities in the community.From the perspective of social worker organizations,it is necessary to strengthen team building and improve internal management,Broaden sources of funds and rationalize the use of funds.From the perspective of community residents,it is necessary to increase the sense of identity of community residents and increase participation enthusiasm.
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