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On The Research Of Teachers Flow Macro-control

Posted on:2014-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401962617Subject:Principles of Education
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The inevitable outcome of socialist market is teacher mobility. Under this economy condition, the market is basic to resource assignment. Teacher, as a part of human resource, also must abbey the value rule to flow. But, there exists aimlessness and spontaneousness in adjusting of market economy. So, it’s difficult to realize unity of person’s and society’s. Furthermore, teacher mobility has something to do with education fair, with balance development of education, the structure of teacher team and improvement of teacher’s quality. In a word, the government has responsibility to macro-control to teacher mobility.In this thesis, the author tries to study the whole macro-control resource of teacher by using the document analytic method and investigation method. The thesis consists of three chapters.Firstly, sets the original, necessity and intension of teacher mobility macro-control.Secondly, describe present condition of teacher mobility macro-control from subject, object, contain and way of macro-control and improve idea.Finally, government should strengthens unity of teacher macro-control, complete internal system and strengths coordination of different departments.Teacher mobility is an important way to promote education fair. It is a complex behavior of government, and refers to policy, process and usage of different ways. So, we should research to go a step future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teacher mobility, Macro-comrol, Optimal allocation
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