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Research On College Counselor Professional Development

Posted on:2014-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R T GanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401974480Subject:Ideological and political construction
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Students’counselor team in college is one main force of college students political and ideological education. It plays an important role in cultivating the builders and successors of socialism with chinese characteristics by pushing on construction of counselor team specialization. Now,some useful measures are taken to push on construction of counselor team specialization from a central place to colleges and universities. But how is the actual execution effect has not form a basic consensus yet. This paper bases on the definition of specialization offered by education sociologist Hoyle. By reading a large number of relevant information, it discuss the actual connotation,basic standard and general requirement. In the same time, it research on the construction level of students’counselor team in college of fuzhou. This research tightly colies some dimensions about counselors professional standards like professional knowledge and skills, professional ethics, professional training, professional organizations, professional autonomy and professional status.According to the survey, it is commonly thought by the new district of fuzhou university counselors that to strengthen the construction of counselor team specialization is very important. Although it has been developed greatly in recent years, it is still at the stage of denotative development which the number comes first, and there are still many problems as follows:the counselor diverse in discipline background as well as weak in professional knowledge; the Professional training is just formality and the effect needs to be improved;"Two-way" promotion system is basicly established but the enforcement is not enough; The professional status self-consciousness of Counselor is not high and the problem of personnel loss is serious; professional organizations is relatively sound, but the function is obviously inadequate, whether the specialization of professional as a status improvement or as a technical improvement, both of them need further strengthen and promotion. It is urgent to establish the subject-dependent system of specialized counselor team, to build the personnel system of complete in institutions, scientific in training, smoothly in promotion and strictly in accession. We should take more measures to improve the counselor’s professional consciousness and reasonably adjust the counselor’s duties and finally further strengthen and promote the construction of counselor team specialization...
Keywords/Search Tags:Students’ counselors in college, College counselor professional development, implementation path
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