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Physical Exercise Behavior Of College Students On Subjective Exercise Experience:the Mediating Role Of Exercise Attitude

Posted on:2014-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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contemporary college students physical quality decline and psychological diseases highlight has become an indisputable fact, physical exercise is the most direct and effective method to solve this problem, therefore, we should take effective measures to promote the physical exercise behavior of College students.Promote the exercise behavior is a complex problem, but also exercise psychology research is a hot topic.Subjective exercise experience refers to the formation state of the emotions and feelings after physical exercise behavior,it will directly affect the individual’s subsequent exercise behavior.Combing through the relevant literature,the study of intermediary model is established.In this model, exercise behavior (independent variable) affect students’ subjective exercise experience (the dependent variable), the the exercise attitude is mediator between the two variables. The three variables are measured by existing scales:The exercise behavior is measured through the rating scale measurements developed by Japan psychologist Kimio Hashimoto, and revised by Liang Deqing Etc,who come from Wuhan Physical Education Institute Department of Sports Psychology.The scale measurement of exercise attitude is Attitude Scale made by MaoRongjian.The subjective selection of measurement exercise experience made by Edward McAuley and Kerry S.Courneya,named subjective exercise experience scale,composed by three dimensions:the positive well-being, psychological troubles and fatigue.Through the analysis and discussion of the data, concluded that:(1) Overall, college students rarely consciously participate in physical exercise, different gender of the students involved in the exercise of different conditions, and has significant differences, boys have a greater level of physical activity.(2) In this study, the intensity physical exercise can improve the mental health of participants, that enhance positive emotions, reduce negative emotions.There are no significant difference of fatigue experience on the different level of exercise volume.(3)In eight dimensions of exercise attitude, the sense of controlling behavior is a Incomplete mediating variable.Behavioral attitude, target attitude, behavioral habits, behavioral intentions and emotional experience are completely mediating variables, and subjective criteria, behavioral cognition are not mediating variables. The effect of exercise to subjective exercise experience is not significant,therefore,do not do the regression analysis from dependent variables to both the independent variables and mediator.
Keywords/Search Tags:exercise behavior, exercise attitude, subjective exercise experience, independent variable, dependent variable, mediator
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