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Investigation On The Subjective Exercise Of The Middle And Old Aged In Baoding City

Posted on:2017-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the aging of our population increasingly serious mental and physical health becomes an issue of great concern to society; and middle-aged people as the backbone of social development, their physical and mental health is also crucial. Physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, promote mental health, it has become an important way to improve physical and mental health in the elderly.The subjective exercise experience can reflect directly the people participate in when the physical training produces body and mind feeling. The research will begin from the Baoding city middle and old age subjective exercise experience aspect, the discussion physical training and the middle-aged person and old person psychologically healthy relation, then will achieve will help the middle-aged person and old person to carry on the fitness exercise scientifically,the promotion physical and moral integrity goal.Using literature data, questionnaire and mathematical statistics and other methods of Baoding city in Physical Exercise in old age and exercise experience conduct research on elderly exercise experience different training situation were differences compared concluded :1 Baoding city to participate in physical exercise in the elderly of the importance of physical exercise have a higher awareness; physical fitness, disease prevention is the main motivation for participation; weather, season and housework busy with work, no time is a major constraint.2 Baoding city to participate in physical exercise in the elderly have a good exercise habits; more than early morning or evening free in parks and other outdoor spaces for exercise;personal and spontaneous small groups mainly in the form of exercise; multi-choice movement playful, implementation of a simple exercise program; exercise intensity, high frequency, each time lasting 60 minutes or more, the amount of exercise to maintain a moderate level.3 Baoding city to participate in physical exercise in the elderly a better overall subjective experience, a high degree of positive well-being, less fatigue and psychological disturbances;effects of gender differences in the elderly exercise experience is not significantly differentage groups only psychological troubles dimensions showed significant differences.4 Different Physical Exercise in exercise experience on the elderly significantly.Participate in simple motor skills, strength small group projects, and long-term exercise every day, every 60 minutes or more, the amount of exercise to maintain a moderate level of sports in the elderly can help get good benefits in physical exercise, and enhance physical fitness,enhance the positive well-being, improve mental troubles, relieve fatigue, improve physical and mental health.The following recommendations are proposed according to the results:1 Following the elderly physical and mental health, increase exercise propaganda through various media, so that more elderly recognize the important role of physical exercise to improve physical and mental health, and guide the elderly to actively participate in physical exercise.2 Intensify efforts to open stadiums, training venues to improve public facilities,strengthen the organization and guidance of the elderly exercise, provide a good environment for their safety, science and fitness; design and development of training programs for the elderly physical and mental characteristics, improve the elderly people’s interest to promote the active participation of the elderly Physical exercise.3 Family members deal with the elderly to participate in physical exercise to give greater support to reduce the family burden of the elderly, to create a good atmosphere of fitness,exercise their participation in sufficient time and energy to help them develop good exercise habits.4 We suggest that elder choose small strength and less violent in group exercise every day one time,each exercise for an hour, and insisted that the long-term exercise, not only can physical fitness, prolong life, but also can regulate mood, relieve stress, physical and mental pleasure, improve the quality of life, enhance the sense of happiness.
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