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Upper Primary Students To Particypate In The Campus Football Sports Exercise Behavior And The Study Of The Characteristics Of Subjective Exercise Experience

Posted on:2018-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The campus football has become a hot issue in China's political and economic rapid development today,various provinces and cities,the national school support and attach importance to the development of the campus football,football in basic infrastructure,increase investment,improve the various regions,provinces and cities,the school infrastructure construction,the evaluation mechanism the campus football also need to speed up to improve.At the same time,as the most basic part of campus football,exercise behavior needs to know more about its current characteristics,and promote the development of campus football.Subjective exercise experience is exercise in physical exercise after the show negative and positive emotional and physiological physical exertion on subjective experience,subjective exercise experience is often used to reflect the psychological test after exercise.In this paper,the characteristics of the study of the characteristics of the exercise,to further analyze the exercise of the body after the exercise of the experience,for the Xi'an city primary school football development to provide more data.In the course of the study,according to the need of the study mainly adopts literature data method,questionnaire survey method,interview method,on-the-spot investigation method,mathematical statistics and logical analysis,the psychology of "subjective exercise experience scale" and self-made sports exercise questionnaire survey questionnaire in the 200 campus football players to Xi'an city high grade primary school were investigated.The findings are as follows:(1)the basic situation,the lowest in campus football is the sixth grade,the number of the least was in fourth grade,participate in football is like degree,and most of them insist on for 2 to 3 years.(2)xi 'an the elementary school higher grades campus football players exercise frequency,exercise time,the status quo of exercise intensity,exercise three grade frequency are mainly composed of more than three times a week,every time of building is mainly for 1-2 hours,with each exercise aiming at heavy load intensity.(3)xi 'an the elementary school higher grades of campus football sports participants subjective exercise experience various dimensions of the highest score is positive happiness,psychological troubles scored lowest,fatigue scoring center.(4)there were significant differences in positive well-being among participants in different grades,and there were significant differences in mental distress.(5)Significant difference analysis: the effect of exercise intensity on the dimension and fatigue dimensions of positive well-being differences;exercise frequency of positive well-being,psychological distress and fatigue in three dimensions there are significant differences,each exercise time in 2-3 hours the positive sense of happiness is the strongest,consistent with the the hypothesis of the study,and different exercise behavior of participants and subjective exercise experience differences.
Keywords/Search Tags:senior high school, campus football, exercise behavior, subjective exercise experience
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