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Research On The Relationship Between The Association Activities Experience And The Positive Development Of College Students

Posted on:2014-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401981201Subject:Development and educational psychology
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A new vocabulary for talking about positive teenager has been growing, and willgradually replace the beliefs of turbulent adolescence and youth problem behavior. Intheory, adolescents are considered to have positive development possibilities.(Roth,Brooks-Gunn,Murray,&Foster,1998)More specifically, youth is seen as resources fordevelopment.(Roth&Brooks-Gunn,2003)In this atmosphere, researchers at home andabroad are increasingly concerned about the role of activities experience in positivedevelopment of young people. Foreign empirical research and theoretical research arerelatively rich. But the domestic people began to involve the research of activityexperiences and youth positive development only from2009. Empirical research andtheoretical studies are both relatively weak. For college students, associations are the mainactivities of campus life carrier. They play an important role in shaping of positivecharacter. This study will take Chinese teenagers as the main object, and explore theassociation activities experience that promote the positive development of young people.1. Study one: First of all, translation "The Youth Experience Survey2.0" that isestablishmented by Hansen and Larson et al. The association is divided into sports, arts,academic, public welfare, functions, etc according to the general situation of association ofa university in Jilin Province and literature and the research and consultation with othercommunity colleges and universities. About10people in every association are randomlyselected to carry on the interview. Make up the inadequate of "The Youth ExperienceSurvey2.0"by finishing interviews. Then on this basis,“Students’ Associations ExperienceQuestionnaire” is establishmented. Through a preliminary survey of321participants and859subjects to test again, and after exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factoranalysis, five dimensions of association activity experiences are determined. They areidentity experience, initiative, experience, experience in basic skills, teamwork experienceand contact with adult experience. Each index of the questionnaire is good, and thecorrelation coefficient between every title and their dimensions is high. There is a goodinternal consistency. Therefore, the questionnaire can be used as an effective tool for theevaluation experience of the college society activities.2. Study two: Track survey1000freshmen in the beginning of the semester and themedium-term of next semester using the questionnaire of college students’ positivedevelopment."Association Activities Experience Questionnaire "is released in themedium-term of next semester for examining the relationship between association activities experience and the level of positive development. Through research, we found thatassociation activities experience can effectively predict the level of positive development.That is to say, students’ level of positive development will gradually increase as theincrease of association activities experience. At the same time, the high level of positivedevelopment of the students will actively participate in association activities, and obtainmore association activities experience.3. Study three: Take study two as basis, further analyzed the influence of associationtypes and participation degree for students to get association activity experience. It wasfound that in the regard of association types: the art and functions associations get moreidentity and initiative experience than academic associations. Art and functions associationsget more initiative experience than sports associations. Functions associations get moreinitiative experience than public welfare associations. Other types of associations have nosignificant differences on the getting of activity experience. In the regard of participationdegree of association activity: The more positive they are, the more experience they get.The more close they are, the more experience they get. The more understanding of the planthey have, the more experience they get. The more important they are, the more experiencethey get.
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