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E-Learning Training Research On New Employees Of Education Services

Posted on:2014-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422459819Subject:Education Technology
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As people gradually pay more attention to education, education services developa lot in China. Competitions between firms within education services become fiercer.In order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises from a talent perspective,most educational services companies intend to train their new employees throughadvanced e-Learning model. However, according to some surveys, only a smallnumber of educational services companies train their new employees throughe-Learning model. It is mainly because the lack of research in new employeese-Learning training of education services. So it is necessary and significant to targetnew employees e-Learning training of education services as an object of study to putforward a training proposal and some design methods.This research just targets at new employees e-Learning training of educationservices and gives a training proposal and its corresponding design methods. It alsomakes new hire e-Learning training of MJ Company a case study with the proposaland these design strategies. The specific process is as follows: Firstly, this researchexposits the theories of e-Learning, adult learning, performance, studies therelationship between them and new employees e-Learning training of educationservices to find some support for following works. Subsequently, this researchsummarizes the characteristics of education services from four aspects, which areworking content, clients, social status and manning. Following these characteristics,this research concretely puts forward the proposal about new employees e-Learningtraining of education services. On this basis, this research proposes the designmethods and specifies the design considerations of the four procedures in the proposal,which are front analysis, training design, implementation and evaluation. Finally, withthe help form technology department of MJ Company, using the above proposal andits design strategies, the research establishes new employees e-Learning trainingsystem for occupation planning department of MJ Company and evaluates the trainingresults. With these results, this research analyzes the feasibility of the proposal and itsdesign methods, and makes some other summary and reflection.
Keywords/Search Tags:new employees training, e-learning, education technology, education services
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