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Liaoning Province Football Tradition Project School Reserve Personnel Training Present Situation Analysis And Countermeasure Research

Posted on:2015-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The first condition of soccer sports development is the sustainable development of soccerreserve talents. Grasp and implement the work of football reserve personnel and taking thegood management and scientific training is the key to narrow the gap with countries in high level.It is also the best way to improve the level of our national football game..The research subject in this passage is the present situation of reserve talents in thetraditional football sports schools in Liaoning province. We used the methods of questionnaire,literature, mathematical statistics, logic analysis and so on are aimed at the present situation andinfluence factors of reserve personnel training in traditional football sports school of Liaoningprovince to make some conclusions as follows;1.Most of the coaches have the rich educational background and graduate from the sportsuniversities. Football game didn’t get enough attention because of the examination orientededucation and the football environment. Therefore, it seriously affected the workers’ enthusiasm.Meanwhile, the teaching age of coaches is relatively low. The technical title and level ofscientific research is common. Training institutions and the leadership of the schools did notprovide enough chances for the coaches’studying and training.2. The important factors affect the number of athletes contain athlete sex, the attitude ofstudents’parents, the attention and surpport of school leaders and so on.3. The management in the traditional project school mainly includes the curriculummanagement, the athletes’ learning management, the learning management from cultural classteachers, the athletes’ self learning management, the athletes’ studying and the trainingmanagement. Only when all the factors combined effectively, can it improve the managementefficiency.4.The training conditions in the football schools are basically guaranteed. And the times oftraining arrangement and the enduration of each time are reasonable. But the coaches pay moreattention to the training of basic technique and physical fitness and ignoring the traning ofpsychological quality and the learning of theoretical knowledge.These external factors causes thetraining plan have a big change and revised difficultly.5. The nmber of times they enter competition is too little.The level and intensity of thematches hold in school cannot meet the demamd of competition.. If things go on like this, it willcause the self closed training for them. It is also lack of communication and learning with the football training outside. This also stops the development of the reserve talents project intraditional football schools in Liaoning province.
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