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The Research On The Cincinnati Community Learning Centers In The United States

Posted on:2015-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Currently, there is a new kind of popolar community school named “half past fourschools” rising from the city of eastern China firstly when China is in its critical period ofcomprehensive reform. Since the kind of school in the field of after-school education is still inthe primary stage of development, so it is a key way to learn from the U.S., which is animportant way to make our after-school education enrichment, promote the reformation of ourtraditional schools and become a necessary part of reforming the whole education.Cincinnati Community Learning Centers is a vital reform initiative to the CincinnatiPublic Schools’ success of Cincinnati city School District, which is the embodiment of atop-notch community school district in the United States. The Cincinnati CommunityLearning Centers based on the public school are the hubs for the community and can giveservices within schools to all the students, families and communities all day long throughvarious partnerships between schools and community partners, which not only has improvedthe overall development of students, but also has improved the families’ living quality as wellas the community’s revitalization. In addition, the community school such as CincinnatiCommunity Learning Centers has also laid the foundation for developing learning society inthe United States.The main research methods used in this paper are documentation method, comparativemethod, case analysis and questionnaires method. The paper systematically expounds theCincinnati Community Learning Centers in the United States from several aspects thatinclude the background as well as the development course of Cincinnati community learningcenters, the external environment as well as its effect of Cincinnati community learningcenters, the operation as well as its effectiveness of Cincinnati community learning centersand the characteristics as well as some existing problems of Cincinnati community learningcenters. The external environments as well as its effect of Cincinnati community learningcenters and the operation as well as its effectiveness of Cincinnati community learning centersare the paper’s primary parts. Compared with the relative situation in our country, the last partputs forward the enlightenment of the Cincinnati community learning centers to our country.
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