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Discussion On Strategy Choice Of The End Of The One-child Policy In China

Posted on:2014-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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To the one-child policy implemented in China for more than thirty years, has had a tremendous impact on the concept of fertility and reproductive behavior. In this article on the basis of the historical role of the one-child policy, from the Theory of Multiple Streams analysis of the development of the one-child policy is emerging now, had a series of negative effects:"Demographic bonus" gradually disappeared, an active role in all aspects of development of population, economy, society is disappearing. This paper argues that the current one-child policy objectives and tasks have been completed, thirty years ago in the domestic and international environment, a significant change has occurred, China has entered a new stage of the low birthrate, and re-examine the one-child policy will have far-reaching significance. Proceed from the reality of China’s national conditions, this paper explores adjust the direction of the one-child policy, put forward the end of the one-child policy, strategy selection to improve China’s birth policy to better serve the goal of modernization.This article contains five parts.Part Ⅰ:Introduction. First, the study of the origin and significance of the topic, the research on the subject of the origin and significance of the topic described this article to study and solve major problems; The second is the research status at home and abroad, conducted a thorough combing the research status of the subject; Third, the ideas and methods of this study; innovation and inadequacies of this study; Fifth, the definition of the core concepts, define and explain the basic concepts and theories involved, in this article to expand the theoretical basis for the analysis below.Part Ⅱ:The theoretical basis and analytical framework. This section highlights the end of the West applied to the two theories-Multiple Streams Theory and Policy end theory, specific details to clarify its meaning; The second is to start from the origin analysis framework of policy end, introduced three origins of the reasonable content and to grasp the time at the end of the policy, Make good use of "window of opportunity"Part Ⅲ:The need for analysis of the end of China’s one-child policy. From four aspects, analyze the problems existing in China’s one-child policy, the need of the end.Part Ⅳ:The end of the strategy based on the Theory of Multiple Streams of China’s one-child policy. This part is the focus of this article, from the perspective of the theoretical origin, analyzed from four aspects step by step to put an end to the one-child policy.
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