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A Dynamic Change Study On Space Structure Of Population In Chongqing Municipality

Posted on:2014-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330425477936Subject:Cartography and Geographic Information System
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Population is the most positive and active factor in regional development, population spatial structure have positive or negative effect on economic development. The development of regional economy affects the alteration of the population spatial structure, and the alteration of the population spatial structure also affects the development of regional economy, they may the cause and effect relationship relations. The population is the core of regional development, therefore, studies on population spatial structure are of vital significance to optimize the population structure and promote resource, environment, ecology,population, and social sustainable development.Chongqing Municipality is located in the southwest of China, it is the demonstration area of circular economy development and rural comprehensive reform pilot area. Choosing Chongqing Municipality as the research object,and studying the change of population spatial structure are of vital significance to optimize the population structure and promote resource, environment, ecology,population, and social sustainable development.This paper start with the concept of population spatial structure, on the basic of the conclusion of the domestic research, take Chongqing Municipality as an empirical study.This paper makes a deep analysis of population quantity, population quality, population structure and city pattern, and makes qualitative and quantitative analysis of influencing factors of population distribution in Chongqing Municipality by means of ArcGIS9.3, EXCEL, GeoDA095i, SPSS17.0and other softwares,and puts forward the corresponding suggestions and measures based on present situation.The main conclusions of this paper are as follows:(1)Population quantity:The population distribution of Chongqing Municipality are unevenly distributed, the population is highly concentrated in "One Hour Economic Circle",the population of "two wings" is thinly. Population gravity center deviated from the geometric center and migration speed is accelerated. The temporal and spatial variation of population growth rate is obvious.(2)Population quality:The population cultural qualities vary obviously in space, the population of main urban have a higher level of education, the illiteracy rate is highe concentrated in the northeast of Chongqing, southeast of Chongqing and northwest of Chongqing.(3)Population structure:The population structure of Chongqing are unreasonable, it has entered into ageing society from the age structure and newborn sex ratio is imbalance.(4)City pattern:Urbanization differences in Chongqing are obviously, it shown clear signs of "binary" structure which the higher level of urbanization with the main city and the low level with the other county.(5)Influence factor analysis:The nature factors affecting on Chongqing population spactial structure is fundamental factor, the socio-economic factors imposing on the population distribution are the key factor, population distribution is the joint action of nature factors, socio-economic factors, historical and policies.(6) Measures of optimization of the population spatial structures:Controlling the population size and making out reasonable population policies.Carrying out and implementing the strategy of "Prospering the Nation" to improve the quality of the population. Developing city scale rationally and constructing new-model villages and towns.
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