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Model Study Of The Connotative Construction Of Transportation Majors In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2013-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330425961117Subject:Higher Education
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Traffic is an important part of China’s higher education system in highervocational education, are also important components of transport, certain theories andeducation: connotative construction of professional formation of inner demand ofeducational nature. Discussion on adaptation of traffic construction of connotation ofprofessional development is the real subject of improving the teaching quality andefficiency of education.Many scholars in the past have been put forward their views for the currentissues,focus and professional connotation construction in professional connotationconstruction of vocational colleges. These research results, carried out for this studylaid a very good foundation. However, most of these studies have some limitations.This study summarized the connotation construction in traffic engineering ofexemplary vocational colleges, and studied the professional connotation constructionbasic theory and necessity of research and aimed at professional connotationconstruction elements. In the end, we puts forward a system of professionalconnotation construction including mode of talent training, professional courses,teachers training, practice training conditions construction, social services capacityupgrade and cooperation between schools and enterprises.Adopting the model of transportation major connotation construction in researchand practice, to make the various strengths of its education, teaching, school qualityand management level, and school-running efficiency and radiation aspects of raising,particularly in the training mode of creative talents, building "double" productivetraining base inside and outside structure, school teachers, improve the ability ofsocial services and demonstration led effect and achieved notable progress. If after aperiod of practice, can expect traffic industry in higher vocational education:"collegeeducation more open, working while studying more closely, course system better,more robust training conditions," double "structure is more reasonable and bettersocial services, talent quality more reliable" features. In research, focusing on thecombination of theory and practice, on the basis of rational thought, combined withthe experience of the authors in the national model of higher vocational college, towhich the author of connotation construction in higher vocational college--J Collegetransport specialty as a case study, similar model professional connotation construction in higher vocational colleges with larger reference. For transportationindustry development and deepening the reform of teaching and education, furtherpromote the institutional mechanisms for innovation, efforts to build modern highervocational education with Chinese characteristics requires, reflect the leading role ofmodel-building play a huge role. Explore a based on traffic, road to service local,characteristics of running school, transportation industry strength of running highervocational colleges, social acceptance is high, with strong radiation ability anddistinctive characteristics of higher vocational colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:Model, Higher vocational colleges, Traffic specialty, Connotationconstruction
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