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Theoretical Extensive Research On Dimensional Evaluation Model Of Specialty Setup In Higher Vocational Colleges Based On Stakeholder Theory

Posted on:2018-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S T ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330515951395Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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As the core of Specialty Construction in higher vocational colleges,Specialty Setup is in the key position of the higher vocational talent cultivation.It not only decides the further study and work territory for students,but also is the existence and development base for higher vocational colleges.For these reasons,emphasis placed on it in academe.Yet,the evaluation research on Specialty Setup has been drifted away from our perspective.To woo students,some colleges set up "hot" majors with low teaching cost,which leads to quite a lot of chaos.The purpose of the evaluation study should never be judged and rewarded,but be improved and inspired,no matter in theories or practice.The orientation of the specialty setup evaluation study should return to the original intention,which is how to value the quality of the specialty setup in higher vocational colleges.Therefore,this study introduces Stakeholder Theory,trying to improve the quality of Specialty Setup,and scientifically inducting the administrators in higher vocational colleges to make the correct decisions related to the specialty setup.Although some scholars have put forward various evaluation models of the specialty setup in higher vocational colleges,the dimensions of measurement in traditional evaluation models are relatively fixed.It can no longer meet the demands of the pluralistic society and the general public.Under the guidance of Stakeholder Theory,this study improves the evaluation indicators of the traditional dimensional evaluation model,and focuses on the extension study of dimensions and vectors for the evaluation model of the specialty setup.This paper starts with analyzing the classification of different stakeholders related to specialty setup in higher vocational colleges through literature review,and defines the evaluation subjects of the specialty setup,which also represent four different groups of stakeholders in the specialty setup.Secondly,it compares the different theoretical evaluation models of specialty setup,and draws a sketch of the theoretical framework intended to be used in this paper by introducing the evolution,approach,classification,development procedure of the evaluation models.This study also conducts a survey of influential factors in Specialty Setup,by the means of questionnaire,adapting the evaluation indicators of Specialty Construction,and considering experts opinions.For the stakeholders vary according to different specialties in different higher vocational colleges,the purpose of the positive study is only to provide a demonstration on how to extend dimensions and vectors for the evaluation model of the specialty setup.Therefore,the study randomly selects one specialty as the subject in a higher vocational college.169 questionnaires were distributed to the stakeholders related to the s specialty.On this basis,it analyzes data,extracts the valid evaluation indexes.And then,the study designs 4 questionnaires according to the dimensional evaluation indicators of Specialty Setup,and analyzes the reliability and validity of the evaluation indicators in questionnaires.The results show both the validity and the reliability are good in all questionnaires.The reliability index>0.76,KMO=0.695.According to all above,the study confirms a set of final questionnaires.Thirdly,all questionnaires are sent out to 4 different stakeholders of the target specialty.The objective is to discuss the interest conflict on the dimensional evaluation results among various stakeholders related to the same specialty.Combining with the evaluation index after construction,the paper applies the extended dimensional evaluation indicators to verify the feasibility of this evaluation system.The corresponding countermeasures on how the local government and higher vocational colleges evaluate the specialty setup are suggested from the perspective of Stakeholder Theory.Finally,it attempts to summarize and rethinks the extended research on the dimensional evaluation model.Dispelling the existing misunderstanding of different stakeholders’ opinions on the evaluation research in specialty setup oriented by higher vocational colleges,the study advises on the further research.We hope the successors will input resources and energies into the evaluation model of specialty setup in higher vocational colleges with open,active and collaborative attitude,and then ensure the quality of Specialty Setup in higher vocational colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational colleges, specialty setup, dimensional evaluation model, stakeholder theory
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