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Research On The School Violence In Primary And Secondary Schools Under The Perspective Of Educational Law

Posted on:2014-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the words "violence","the campus murder","sexual abuse" and other violence of the primary and secondary schools, are often seen in various media reports, the violence of school is becoming so wide, harmful and influential that stimulate each of our families and society’s most sensitive nerve, let the education sector and the whole society have to ponder and analyze this issue. How to prevent and control the incidence of school violence effectively, has become a hot topic of the whole society and even the whole world. The study and the prevention of the school violence started early abroad, and has established a relatively complete theoretical system and practical experience; Although there are more and more theoretical articles about school violence over the past decade, our academic has not yet formed a relatively effective system. Educational Law is based on education law, education law phenomenon and its development, educational activities for the study of law and pedagogy intersect comprehensive discipline, the study of school violence is one of the hottest issues in the research of education law. It will be normative protective to solve the problem that prevent and intervene the school violence from the perspective of Educational Law. Conversely, the study of school violence also requires educational law that constantly improves the subject classification, improve and refine the education legislation. At present, status of school violence is in the high stage, and has the characteristics of diversification, younger age, new development, the situation is not optimistic, and is very grim as well. As for the reason, except the young students’own unique age, psychological immaturity, low ability to distinguish right and wrong, and low social cognitive ability factors, as well as from social, school, family reasons. Therefore, the prevention of school violence should start from the aspects of the social, school, family, students themselves, meanwhile to strengthen education legislation and to improve the refinement law are also important from the perspective of educational, all these countermeasures are prevent and intervene effectively the incidence of school violence, clean up the campus atmosphere, let the school becomes a place where the students can grow up healthily.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education law, School violence, Prevention and control countermeasures
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