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Effective Construction Of Learning In Middle School Chinese Teaching And Application

Posted on:2015-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Education, carrying the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s dream. In recent years, with the deepening of educational reform, more and more educators have made great progress in the aspects of changing the idea of education, teaching methods etc.. In the back of the essence of education at the same time, improve the comprehensive literacy classroom efficiency and students, teachers gradually become the consensus reached in the teaching practice. The study group was introduced into the classroom, can say the epoch-making significance in the field of education. Construction and use of effective classroom learning group to stimulate students interest in learning, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of learning, has There is nothing comparable to this function training cooperation consciousness, so as to realize the maximization of the efficiency of the classroom.Based on the basic theory of education, psychology as the guide, combined with his three years of teaching practice experience, and discusses the effective construction problems associated with the use of classroom learning group, in order to learn to promote classroom group further exploration and research and make a point of their own modest.Including the introduction and conclusion, the thesis consists of five parts.The introduction part mainly elaborates the classroom learning group effective construction of my research background and application, and in others based on this subject for research, summarized shortcomings of the current research on the subject and some research focus and research value of this paper.The first chapter: an analysis of the connotation of learning and the existing problems of group. First of all, combined with the academic circles to study group concept different limits, I passed to keep crude refined and their practical experience, summed up the unique cognition of learning concept. Then, through the analysis of questionnaire, interview and other forms, and combined with the experiences and lessons from their classroom case, I summed up the problems and causes in the construction and use of group learning at present, so that others in the operation, pay attention to avoid.The second chapter: the construction principle and method of classroom learning group. First the basic principles clearly effective construction of learning group, then the methods of learning groups, from five aspects of reasonable arrangement of team, team members, the number of elaborate collocation within each group member’s responsibilities, learning culture, team learning group of seating arrangement, with body how to construct learning group is the scientific and effective.The third chapter: the effective use of basic ways of learning group. First introduced the basic operation process of group cooperative learning, then points out that the application of misunderstandings in the study group, class and inquiry learning group is applicable, then combined with the teaching case study methods and effective team. Finally, put forward to establish the evaluation mechanism, in order to promote group learning.The conclusion part summarizes the main contents of this study, the innovation and shortcomings, and prospects the future development of this subject.
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