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Comparative Study Of Classical Chinese Reading Test In College Entrance Examination

Posted on:2015-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330428975048Subject:Language subject teaching
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College Entrance Examination (CEE) plays a great role in social development as an important means of selecting qualified students. Classical Chinese Reading is an indispensable component in the Entrance Exam of Chinese and it can not only test our abilities but also inherit and promote Chinese classical culture.By comparing of National Volume of College Entrance Exam with those in Shanghai and Jiangxi from1997to2013, the author analyses the changes in CEE in four parts. The first part focuses on the standard of setting the Classical Chinese Reading questions, which is divided into three aspects:the text book, standards in Chinese teaching and the exam syllabus. The core idea of this part is the comparison of question types, numbers and scores in Classical Chinese Reading among the three volumes. Both horizontal and vertical analyses in the three aspects show that from the year1997to2013the National Volume presents a tendency of simplification and steadiness by which Jiangxi follows to some extent, while Shanghai’s volume shows more richness and activeness. Then the second part focuses on the comparison in material of Classical Chinese Reading which includes the source, content, genre, author and so on. The results present monotony in National Volume, diversity in Shanghai’s and seeking for innovation based on steadiness in Jiangxi. The third part is about comparison on test contents and objectives. Test contents, to some extent, decide the level of difficulty, in-class teaching as well as students’mastery of knowledge. Classical Chinese Reading in Shanghai’s Volume has a higher ability requirement for students than that of National and Jiangxi’s Volume.Based on these comparisons and analyses, the author holds that the National Volume should keep its steadiness and also learn from Shanghai in its diversity and innovation to get closer to teaching materials while Shanghai should be more stationary and simplify the Classical Chinese reading to unease the students. Jiangxi may borrow the good points from both of them to get improvement in Classical Chinese Reading of CEE.
Keywords/Search Tags:Classical Chinese Reading Test, The volume of Chinese college entranceexamination, The volume of the Shanghai Chinese college entrance examination, Thevolume of the Jiangxi Chinese college entrance examination, Comparative study
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