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Life’s Duration Educational School Time

Posted on:2015-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330431457653Subject:Principles of Education
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Permeating all of people’s daily life, time is known by everybody and being everywhere. Research on time emerged in endlessly in philosophy and physic from the past. With the stimulation by the background of rapid developing society, the research on educational school time emerged sporadically. However, the researches on educational school time mainly focused on the distribution and the management of classroom time, teachers’ time and students’ time, which lacked of the achievement of the influence to students’ life growth by the qualitative methods.As a whole, this research has collected detail and accurate primary data in F Senior High School of Guangxi through education teaching experience, participant observation and structure interview, which belong to qualitative research for almost two months. Based on the materials, the research mainly discusses the influence of educational school time to students’ life growth by taking the advantage of qualitative research’s characteristic:interpretive, systematic and deep-going.The research presents the frame diagram of educational school time which influenced by its subject order.Firstly, it’s the nation that surrounded the ragged edge and is the strongest and biggest subject. From the education system which is designed on macroscopic view to the arrangement of new curriculum reform of Senior High school and the implement of College Entrance Examination, the nation has restricted all the education activities of teachers and students.Secondly, it’s school. School integrates education system, subject program and College Admission Act into three kinds of schedule permeably. The first one is the formal institutional schedule:the school timetable, curriculum schedule, schedule of all kinds of public places; the second one is the half formal institutional schedule: various kinds of symbols of educational time (such as the ringing bell, clock, the silent symbol), school’s routine activities arrangement around one year; the third one is the informal institutional schedule, which is the student’s organization’s activities arrangement around one year.Thirdly, teachers are the key subjects who act the educational school time designed by the nation. Thus, in charge of the teacher, as different kinds of density: core subjects and broadening courses have various kinds of style of rhythm. Besides, there are all kinds of forms of taken up the class time between the same or the different type of subject.Finally, it comes to the core subjects who carry out the education school time: student. Confronted with the "time net" make up by nation, schools and teachers, student choose to submit, object or beyond it. We can seek out the cause of the three expressions from the growth of students’ natural life, social life and spiritual life. At the same time, the way which they perception time and the experience affected by time also indicate the influence of educational school time to students’ life growth.As a whole, we can see that nation has the macroscopic effect upon students’ life growth, while schools are mesoscopic, teachers are microcosmic and students are the core. All of them make the growth among students’ natural life, spiritual life and social life help each other forward and influence each other. According this, the research explores the hided rule of educational school time and its character of the students’ life growth. What’s more, it points out that the educational school time of senior high school was limited by higher education. It should lay more emphasis on the development of our future society.
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