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Study Of Factors Affecting Farmer Specialized Cooperatives Satisfaction Degree On Supportive Policy

Posted on:2014-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330401971587Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Applying statistical,sociological techniques and agricultural economy principle, fromthe perspective of farmer specialized cooperatives’ satisfaction to the supporting policiesfor the cooperatives, this605paper analyzed the survey data about Jiangxi farmers’membership of Farmers’ professional cooperatives in depth. On the basis of understandingthe present situation of Jiangxi farmers’ membership of Farmers’ professional cooperatives,and applying multiple regression models, this paper analyzes farmers’ satisfaction to thesupporting policies for Farmers’ professional cooperatives on aspects of individualcharacteristic, family’s characteristic, agricultural products and technological environment,social economic and cultural environment features, and supporting policies. The analysisindicates that farmers rated low on the supporting policies for Farmers’ professionalcooperatives. On one hand, intermediate variables such as scientific and technologicalsupport evaluation, tax deduction and exemption evaluation, loan discount evaluation,project support evaluation, information consulting evaluation, brand-support evaluationinfluence farmers’ satisfaction to the supporting policies for the cooperatives. On the otherhand, besides direct influential factors such as education, family size, business scale,family residence, the economic development level of villages and towns, agriculturalproduct technology content, price fluctuations, infrastructure, the multiple occupationslevel, agricultural scale level, indirect factors such as age, marriage, the village residents’income level, guidance from technical staff, production inputs, technical assistance,development level of the market which has indirect influence on farmers’ satisfaction tothe supporting policies for Farmers’ professional cooperatives. In order to improvefarmers’ satisfaction to the supporting policies for Farmers’ professional cooperatives, andensure sustainable development of the cooperatives, it would be essential to improve andperfect the influential factors of farmers’ satisfaction to the supporting policiesaccordingly,and base on these, this paper raise the corresponding countermeasures andsuggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Farmer Specialized Cooperatives, Supportive Policy, SatisfactionAppraisal, Influence Factors
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