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Linking The Big Five Personality Model With Utaut Constructs For Predicting IS Adoption:A Study Of Mobile Payment Acceptance

Posted on:2019-03-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Ali Nawaz KhanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1319330542499189Subject:Business Administration
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Mobile phones and social media have led to a great revolution of modern society,helpful for many businesses to reorient their sales methods towards more effective commercial formats.The mobile payment,for instance,as an emergent technology to these novel commercial setups,is now undertaking the adoption process.Individual users are known to vary in their tendency to accept new technologies.Not surprisingly,some conceptual models effort to describe how and why persons use mobile payments.Until recently,however,the role of personality in overall,and the big five personality model,in specific,had remained mostly unexplored.This dissertation takes an interactional psychology view,connecting constructs of the big five personality traits within the conceptual framework of the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology(UTAUT)to the intentions and use of this technology.This dissertation aims to ascertain the impact of personality traits on UTAUT constructs which lead to mobile payment adoption intentions and use.Further,perceived reputation was added as a moderator in the relationship between intentions to use mobile payment systems and use of these systems.Data were collected from 311 mobile payment customers within the major cities of the Pakistan and analyzed using a SEM.After empirically testing earlier research conclusions linking performance expectancy,effort expectancy,social influence,and facilitating conditions to direct relationships with big five personality traits and technology use in the context mobile payment systems,utilizing measures of perceived and actual use of these systems.The results showed that extraversion and openness to experience were positively related with all the constructs of UTAUT except performance expectancy was not significantly related with openness.Conscientious and agreeableness was related with facilitating condition and the relationship between conscientious and effort expectancy was not significant.As expected Neuroticism,was negatively related with performance expectancy and facilitating condition.Performance expectancy and effort expectancy were the most powerful predictors of behavioral intentions while facilitating condition with intentions significantly predicted use of these payment systems.Moreover,perceived reputation successfully moderated the positive relationship of intentions and use of mobile payment systems.Theoretical and practical implications of results are discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Big Five Personality, UTAUT, Perceived Reputation, Mobile Payment, Pakistan
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