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The Visual Research Of Design And Calculation Platform Of Wheeled Crane Overall And Construction

Posted on:2017-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2272330482491935Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Currently, China’s construction crane industry is in a rapid development stage, however, sales of the entire industry has been very downtown, the reasons for this state come from many world famous brands to snatch market share of local crane make the competition more intense. Wheeled crane manufacturer in order not to be eliminated in this environment, it is necessary to develop new products in a short time, which requires developers to improve efficiency in the development process. Overall and structure part of wheeled crane include a lot of content, there are linkages between the structure and the general portion of the wheeled crane performance calculation it is very important. However, the traditional finite element method in calculations, although a high precision, but also take a long time, especially take a lot of time on the front dealing with different series of product, eventually wheeled crane development cycle growth. Therefore, in cooperation with a crane companies to develop wheeled crane design computing platform that can shorten the development cycle to improve the efficiency of research and development.This paper takes the wheeled crane design computing platform as the research object. The core algorithm of this platform is analytic method, and the core calculation program is written by C++. Firstly, introduce the research background and significance of this issue, access to information on the development status of wheeled crane, to ask question encountered at this stage to finalize the development of wheeled crane design computing platforms. Secondly, we collect a lot of information on the design and calculation of wheeled crane, to acquire all part of the structure and working principle of wheeled cranes, write the main arm to calculate, calculation of tower jib, tip-over performance calculation, leg performance calculation, slewing bearing performance calculation, luffing cylinder performance calculation, the overall performance calculation, section properties calculation, calculation of main arm end force, at the end of the main arm deflection calculation and main arm end angle calculation and so on the text theory. Thirdly, organize theoretical calculation of parameters, unified parameter variables, the design calculation program ideas and check calculations, and use C++ language in accordance with the derivation of the formula into the calculation program. Fourth, taking QAY500 product as an example, The software calculation results and finite element calculation results were compared and analyzed by Excel in line chart and computing relative deviation, verify the correctness of the analytical calculation. In the end, the wheel crane design calculation platform function module and a calculating module is developed and used.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wheeled crane, Boom, Analytic method, C++, The development and use of platform, Visualization of parameter
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