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Research On The Construction Of NX Bank Tianjin Branch Organization Structure

Posted on:2015-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Y SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2279330431474556Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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China’s city commercial banks’ regarded as "the third echelon" in China’s banking system were founded in1995, which had made outstanding contributions for the steady development of China’s banking industry and the promotion of the local economic development. China Banking Regulatory Commission, in2009, lowered the threshold of non-local market access, which raised the upsurge for small and medium banks’ trans-regional management. But there is a big gap between the state-owned banks and the national scale joint-stock banks in terms of capital, asset quality, corporate governance and the talent pool and so on. These outstanding issues led to the survival and the development of city commercial banks limited by state-owned banks and joint-stock banks nationwide. How to develop better for city commercial banks under the circumstance of the current policy converged and similar development conditions, they have to seek a different approach fitting self-characterized development. In face of the intense market competition and challenge in terms of trans-regional management, how to survive and to develop is the key subject for small and medium banks. The problem to be solved urgently is to create a kind of organization which will adjust to the market and to the supervision for city commercial banks’ trans-regional management.In beginning, city commercial banks focused on local operation, by contrast, joint-stock banks focused on national operation even on global operation. There are huge differences on ways of management and control between them. In contrast with the matured head-branch system of state-owned banks and joint-stock banks, the system of city commercial banks have a common problem which is to keep the balance between managing the non-local branches effectively to develop rapidly and communicating smoothly under the head-branch system. The operation mode of big banks does not apply to small and medium banks for non-local branch management. How to solve the problem is the test for them. In this thesis which takes Bank of NX Tianjin Branch as the analysis object, through the general analysis of circumstances of Bank of NX Tianjin Branch, the impact of organization on operation, and the problem about the organization, it put forward the plan from the aspects of business mode building, organization, management, internal communication and human resources. On the basis of measures to building organization of Bank of Ningxia Tianjin Branch, it will achieve the effect of risk control, rapid development and society service.
Keywords/Search Tags:city commercial banks, trans-regional development, the structure of theorganizatio
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