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An Analysis Of The Demand Of Enterprise Culture Mass Based On Expectation Theory

Posted on:2015-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2279330452952371Subject:Business administration
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The corporate culture refers to the unique enterprise value behavior andentrepreneurship which result from its production and management practices onlong-term. And it is regarded as the powerful spiritual force of the enterprisedevelopment.The corporate culture plays a key role in the current market economy. Generallyspeaking, the human occupies the dominant position in corporate culture. So thecorporate culture is always promoted by human, thus promoting the development ofenterprises. During the exploration process, it is feasible to analyze the members’needs of corporate culture improvement by means of the expectancy theory, aneffective method which was established by Vroom. In order to achieve the goal, thestudy takes example of the A group and analyzes its evolution of culturaldevelopment. Thus, it can be clarified that the people’s needs play important part inthe corporate culture construction. And further, it will also be explored on how topromote the culture of state-owned enterprises oriented by their needs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Expectancy Theory, Corporate Culture, People’s Needs, HarmoniousSociety
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