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Research On Conflict Resolution Mechanism Of Interests In New Urbanization Construction

Posted on:2016-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B S LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2279330464465270Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The interests of the subject conflict intensify in the process of the new urbanization construction in China. It seriously hindered the new urbanization construction process. So solving the main conflict of interest model of urbanization construction becomes the key to the sustainable development of the new urbanization. The No. 1 document of the Central Committee in 2012 put forward the further implement the Scientific Outlook of Development, synchronization to promote industrialization and agricultural modernization. Further increase the policy efforts in agricultural, struggle to seize the agricultural harvest, work hard to maintain social harmony and stability in rural areas around strengthening science to ensure the development, strengthening production to ensure the supply, strengthen people’s livelihood to ensure the development security stability, strengthening science to ensure the development. The No.1 document of central government in 2013 put forward the integration of urban and rural development as the fundamental way to solve the “Three Problems of Rural”. It must be coordinated to synchronous promote urbanization, industrialization, informatization and agricultural modernization. To strengthen the foundation of modern agriculture supports the further promoting of the new socialist rural construction. The No.1 document in 2014 proposed that rapid development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and promoting the modernization of agriculture requirement is more urgent in our country. The contradiction guaranteeing grain and other major agricultural products supply and resource and environment carrying capacity becomes increasingly acerb.This study complied with the time background and the corresponding national regulations and documents. This paper adopts the method of literature, the combination of theory and practice research methods to study the subject based on economics, econometrics related theories. Sum up the research status of subject of interest conflict in the new urbanization construction process and points out the research deficiencies from reading the analysis of domestic and foreign research literature on the urbanization. It also points out that using grey relational model to establish the model of urbanization index system and the main conflict of interest and using SVAR model to resolve the conflict of interest coordination of main body are feasible. Then study the related theory and research on the construction of new urbanization, the gray relational model, SVAR model to lay the foundation for the research. Analysis the relationship of related industry stakeholders according to the establishment of new urbanization stakeholders grey correlation model, and obtain the new urbanization stakeholders conflict index system according to the established model. At the same time, establish the conflict resolving model of interest coordination of subject by the SVAR model in Yunnan province according to the index established system. The mainly study of empirical research is based on statistical data. It concludes that the agriculture, the industry, the construction are closely related to the new urbanization construction. Through the government’s macro regulation and three main industry of the mutual promoting or inhibiting the incremental relation can achieve the purposes of collaborative development. Put forward the suggestions of resolving the conflict mechanism in the new urbanization process for Yunnan province according the collaborative theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:The new urbanization, Collaborative resolving mechanism, The main conflict of interest, The SVAR model
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